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September 29, 2009


A Lakehurst man who pulled out his own teeth with pliers and sprayed blood all over his friend's home in an attempt to scare her was arrested after he allegedly broke several items in the apartment when she contacted authorities...

(Thanks to Barbara A)


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His FRIEND'S home?

Dude, Halloween is in October, OK?


Aw, we've ALL done that at one time or another.

Jersey. That's all I gotta say. (No offense, Meanie).

I prefer the old jump out from behind the door and yell 'Boo!' method of scaring myself. It's a lot neater. And not nearly as painful.

Oh, the humanity!

I understand everything but the map.

hm. do you think alcohol could have been involved?

That's a HELL of a long way to go for a scare prank!

*SNORK! @ Bonmot's Hindenburg reference*

Fatal extraction?

Back atcha, mtb!

a new high in stupidity. or is that a low? either way, he's off my christmas card list.

bonmot++. I'm so glad someone else thought to make that comment, because I was going to have to if you hadn't. :)

*snork* at bonmot

Excellent! A friend used to go to Lakehurst in the summers with his family. Sounds like the place has really changed.

Is there significance to the fact that the ad just below the article was for "Deadly White Teeth"? Where, exactly, did these teeth come from?

Kudos to bonmot and Chris! That is the first thing I thought of when I saw the locale.

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