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September 25, 2009


LaToya Jackson memorializes Michael with a milkshake.

(Thanks to Jonathan)


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Just like Michael--fruity and nuts.

I agree with bjjb. LaToya's milkshake will probably be the same but with extra nuts.

But you don't put it in a blender. Instead, . . . you just beat it.

the yet-unnamed shake has strawberries, raspberries, blackberries

Hmmm. You mean the milkshake can't decide what color it wants to be???

"My milkshake is required to stay 500 feet from all the boys in the yard..."

*rimshot* for bon.

What, the top half of the TV Guide Channel isn't enough?

It starts out with a very dark hue but then lightens in color as it gets more mixed up.

(Comment deleted for very offensive reference to "Jesus Juice".)

YEEEECH. pass the insulin.

And the italics remover, queensbee.

Judiiiiii, Al Sharpton broke the blog!

I will not tolerate the call to remove those who you do not approve of! Some of my best friends are Italics!!!!

Happy Columbus Day.

Eyyy, izzat da same as tawk like a goomba day?



Man, that LaToya is one wacky broad.

What, too obvious?

Hey, it's been a long day.

*Wonders if they ever found his missing nose*


I think Matt Morrison is right. LaToya's unresolved diatonic will bring all the Zombies to the yard.

(But Skittles? With those shoes? What was she thinking?)

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