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September 24, 2009


The blood lamp.

(Thanks to Mitch)


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I might have to get one to play with when I donate platelets on Saturday.

I think about where every drop of energy comes from whenever I write a check for my power bill. That is painful enough for me.

A lamp that can only be used once, eh? Just wait for those anti-incandecent bulb wing-nuts to become aware of this!

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day gift if you could be certain who's blood she would like to use and how much.

It's a premium gift from the I.R.S.

I was wondering what to get the Count From Wallachia for Christmas.

It also comes as a fleshlight!


What sicko came up with this one, him?

(Although, in that case I'm sure some of the female bloglits wouldn't mind too much.)

LOL bon!

Definitely a perfect gift for those blood Type A personalities.

Gil Grissom uses them all the time.

Inspired by the movie Twilight?

I'm thinking more like "True Blood", KJP.

Yummo @ Vampire Bill (and Eric)

There's nothing I want to see that badly.

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