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September 21, 2009


Madison police reported arresting a Florida man they said was driving drunk the wrong way on the Beltline early Saturday morning at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

(Thanks to padraig)


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Of course we NEVER drink and drive up here. As the bumper sticker says, "you may hit a bump and spill your cocktail."

Hey, Meanie/Jeff/lairbo -- this guy could pass for an NYC cabbie, no?

When you get your mugshot taken in Wisconsin, do they ask you to say "Cheeeeese!"?

So...what exactly is the problem *hic* occifer?

bon, yes, and that's why all our license pictures show us rolling our eyes.

He was trying to find the Boca Wal Mart

Poor padraig. btw, what happened to the Packers yesterday? I am very disappointed in them.

This guy got off oh so lightly. We had a case up here recently where a mom, driving her own two kids and three nieces and nephews, was drunk and high and wound up driving the wrong way down a highway. They, and the three men in the vehicle she hit, are all history.

Sorry for the unfunny.

cindy, not as much as we are.

If you know any large people who can pass block, kindly give them directions to Lambeau Field. Compensation negotiable. Gender, parole status, and/or legal citizenship will not be issues.

I think he was looking for the Taconic.

driving against traffic

Aren't all drivers against traffic? I mean, I don't know too many who are in favor of it.

MtB - yeah, that's what I thought of. A little too unfunny.

Just to explain, in liberal politically correct Madison the highway we call the Beltline is the designated area for people to road rage, speed, play bumper cars, and generally drive like steroid-addicted crackheads. So when somebody like this gets caught before they actually kill someone (other than themselves), it's cause for rejoicing.

Still, sorry for the bad associations, Meanie.

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