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September 24, 2009


He seems...um...qualified.

(Thank you on behalf of all the women on the blog, from the s.b. to Horace LaBadie)


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May I second judi's thank you? Wow, he does look qualified. I also agree with one of the commenters on that link. He does seem to have a great stimulus package.

That wasn't a comment, cindy - that was the authors' suggestion for a campaign slogan. Made me crack up.

He's one of those guys that's just too pretty for my tastes - he looks more like a Ken doll, and since his arm is covering anything that might be different from a mound of plastic....

Oh my.

*goes back to look again*


*one more time*

cindy, that's one package I'd love to stimulate.

*just one last time,k??*


What were we talking about again?? dead turtles?

But more importantly...

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Thanks to judi and Horace. That sure woke me up.

hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! His daughter Ayla must be *mortified*.

obs there's writing on that page??

I think we must go back and check..again, cindy.

It's not expansive enough to get out from the page folds?
I'm just sayin'...

We bet he still has an amazing body underneath his suit and tie.

I think Ashley Womble (which WBAGNFA kid's TV show) needs to be hosed down, along with judi, Siouxie, and nursecindy.

A perfect senator for the fluffernutter state

Thanks, Jeff...butt...we're already we...

*oh look...shiny!*

You won't catch me going behind the curtain to pull the lever for this guy.

What's that, they have "Touch-voting" now? Still pass.

Sharkie, now you've got me thinking of "hanging chads".

It seems the distaff bloggers are looking forward to a joint session of congress (IYKWIM) (AITYD).

*wow* I'm moving back to Massachusetts.

I was attracted by The Washington Post's headline, "Candidate was a pin-up," and was disappointed that it was not a female. Then I recalled the old adage that runs, "One man's meat..."

Yeah, but what's his position on healthcare?

One of the few centerfolds where I actually read the article

jon, that's EXACTLY the question to be asked!

pogo?? who cares?

I've looked and looked and I still don't see any writing on this article. pogo, he makes me feel better just looking at him.

This article and these comments make me feel just like a piece of meat. Fortunately, I'm OK with that.

turn around, pad.

yeah..that's it.

work it baby!!

I rest my case.

Aw, pad - you know you're more than that to us. :)

Careful, pogo. I'll make you walk the runway too ;-P

I wouldn't mind seeing pogo showing a little beefcake Siouxie.

Oh, c'mon. What you ladies really want to see is Pogo's stick.

When's the next general erection election?

bonmot I'm shocked! Siouxie and I like pogo for his brain not his brawn. We're only interested in men with brains and a sense of humor. Right Siouxie? Siouxie?????

Um...yeah. And an effervescent personality.

If anyone needs me, I'll be out getting my copy of Cosmo.

I feel SO degraded.

Same time tomorrow?

Absolutely padraig. How about a little fries with that shake? ;)

pad, bring the thong.

pad, bring the thong.

I thought the GOP was kidding about the Big Tent...

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