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September 27, 2009


Giant pets signed up for fat camp


(Thanks to Ralph)


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Is she staring in shock at the giant cat or the squirrel that is standing next to it? If your cat jumps on the bed and you can hear the springs give it's probably too fat.

ah, but see, this prevents the creature from scaling tall bookcases and leaping on unsuspecting visitors. all cats should be too fat to move.

The great thing about this cat is that you can ride him to 7-11 for burritos. His.

I'd sign up my ex, but he's not housebroken.

Wasn't he a regular on The Sopranos?



He's a devious and lazy cat, too, if you think about it. He can't get up and move around, but he can make it over to the cheese and onion crisps, eh?

Oh yeah...Big Pu**y!! LOL stevie!

*is a little slow this morning*


he's on his way to indonesia to be a pet to that new huge baby.

hey, where'd that freaky thing in my post come from?

You just noticed now, judi??? LOL it's the Spirograph monster.

It's a holy, flaming cow-pie from Bihar. For Yom Kippur. Or as Siouxie said, the Flying Spirograph Monster.

I've noticed also that sometimes it asks me to retype security letters when I'm posting a link and then sometimes it doesn't. This could be frustrating when 24 comes back on. It's nice to see Judi today.

My aunt, who is a big cat person (haha), decided her cats were too fat when they could no longer bend around to, in her words: "lick their @ss."

And just for the record, I often display a lack of get up and go. Unless the crisps are moved to another room.

Did anyone else notice that the headline had nothing to do with the story?

socrates:"the unexamined crisp is not worth eating"

thank you, socrates, I was wondering 'bout that.

That cat is a dislocated lap waiting to happen.

If it's big enough to intimidate the park ranger and steal picnic baskets, it's probably not a cat.

I love you Dave.


Let me guess, and the cat also hates Mondays?

House's Hugh Laurie talked about working with a lion on one project. He asked the trainer what he should do if the lion were to charge him.

"There's not much you can do," the trainer said. "You can try throwing some sh*t at it's nose to get it to stop."
"Where would I find sh*t at a moment like that?" Laurie asked.
"If a lion charges at you, you'll just need to reach down at your feet."

few times in my life have I cared less about visiting a link than when I read "Click here to read more about fat pets"

Here is SeanNC's link. It is well worth watching however I warn you. Dave is not wearing a blue shirt and he says the word 'sexual'.

Thank you nursecindy. I am in Forest City. I've been lurking for several years now. BTW, Siouxie is my favorite.

Again, thank you for converting my copy into a real link.

I love you Dave. Thanks for saying it out loud.

Siouxie is my ideal lady. I've resisted commenting because I don't want to embarass her. She really is the ultimate to me. MMMWWWAAAHHH Siouxie!

I'm sorry. I will resume my lurking, LOL.

Dave's interview with FIRE was so exciting to me that I couldn't help myself.

I love you Siouxie! You have great sense of humor and it's clear that everyone loves you.

Well Sean you're only about 15 mins. from me. I'll speak to Siouxie and see what I can do for you. And, you're welcome.

Also, don't be one of those shy, backwards Rutherford County boys Sean. My grandpa is from Rutherford Co. Speak up and comment! Heck we could be kin.

huh?? LOL

Dave rocks.

Begin rant

The attack on free speech kills me. I've had students complain to adminstrators about me railing on their religion for teaching natural selection, in a science class!!! To their credit, I've always been supported by said adminstrators but hey. The media is also subject to this pressure and so much of the fair and balanced approach (tell both sides no matter how wrong one of them is, e.g., vaccines causing autism) is put out there to make sure to offend no one more than anyone else.

End rant

um..hi Sean LOL

Thanks, I think LOL

Thank you nursecindy.

I've resisted commenting out of respect for Siouxie. She's a doll and I want her to be herself without having to worry about me.

Siouxie is very clever, funny, delightful, and wonderful. Isn't she?

I enjoy watching and reading the things that are posted here at Dave's. You are all very witty, smart, funny and conversational. I enjoy you all. You make me smile and laugh.

Siouxie is very funny. She is the funniest of you all. I love to follow her.

I couldn't help myself with Dave's interview with FIRE.

I'm sorry. I will continue my lurking, LOL.

Thanks, Sean. I'm very flattered by your comments. Glad to know we keep you smiling ;-)

Sean, it's true. We all love Siouxie. She's a great person too and very sweet. I liked the interview with Dave. He made some very good points and I agree with what he said.

"We all" love Siouxie? was there a questionaire that was distributed and I missed it, or is this like some kind of commune-type blog?

Now now, Sharkie...we all KNOW you love me. I have proof. I have your beer handles.

uh...that didn't sound quite right.

I'm no fool ..... How could you not love someone who's got a machete?

Yeah, I'm gonna have to go with Meanie on this one. I love her too :)

dave makes I me laugh LOVE even when SIOUXIE he is serious.

i think it was just his hair, but i'm not sure.


That. is. all.

Oh sure, we all tell her how much we love her and she snorks at us.

She's so cute when she snorks isn't she? (watching out for the machete)

[Comment deleted for crude beer handle reference.]

CTProf...you should know better *EG* LOL

*breaking through the haze of love for a minute to actually comment on the cats* Crossgirl -- unfortunately the big ones also leap on unsuspecting visitors, it's why i don't have many visitors (that survuved)

* OK, back to the looove*

I'm glad we can be stupidly offensive here. Dave said so.

BTW, SeanNC - Cou*stalker*gh, but maybe siouxie likes it like that, NTTAWWT.

Sharkie never gave me any beer handles. I agree with packsaddle. I like the way Dave talks with his hands. I do that a lot myself.

And Loudmouth wins the prize for stating the true meaning behind the love fest LOL

lol @ "the haze of love"

oops, "survived"....

Sean, I warn you - Siouxie has a machete and is not afraid to use it so tread carefully. Other than that, you have good taste.


And thanks to Sean (& nursecindy) for the Dave interview. Even without joking, Dave makes sense!

*grabs machete and looks around*

Is it safe??

Although the one in the picture is barely over 1½ stone, Two-stone Cats WBAGNFARB

"Too Stoned Cats" might be a better NFARB.

"Woah, dude. Don't bogart the catnip."

Didn't Two Stoned Cats open for Three Dog Night?

Yes. In a one-horse town.

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