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September 03, 2009


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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1349 slabs of beer on the wall
1349 slabs of bee-eerrrrr
If one of those slabs should happen to fall
1348 slabs of beer on the wall

1348 shlabs of beer on the wall
1348 shhhlabs of bee-urp!-eeerrrr
If one of those shhhhhhlabs should something or other
13 hundred shlabs of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

"Hoegarden"? What's that translate to, "Back Alley"?

I think a "Hoegaarden" is an al fresco brothel.

But what kind of premium beer comes in a slab?

padraig, I think it's "weed-free dirt."

We're gonna need a bigger bladder.

slab = carton, apparently

these keystone cops are looking for the beer? um, duh.

"Detectives and Australian Customs officials searched the man's house yesterday before he was charged with stealing and possessing cannabis."

Looks like he got away with the beer. Out tomorrow with a slap on the wrist and years to drink all that beer.

I'm looking for an invite!

How much is a ticket to Australia?

Papa Ray
West Texas

Hoegaarden is actually my favorite beer - goes great with sushi! Mmmm...

And no, that is not 1349 cases of beer in my backyard; move along!

That sounds like Saturday night in the fraternity I almost joined. I met my wife because I was too horribly hung over to go to the second night of pledge week. She visited the apartment where I was dying. Good times. Good times.

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