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September 30, 2009



(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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So, would that make him Crocodile Peewee?

Everything's bigger in Texas!

I'd like to say, "Poor gator", but the truth is that that thing could have the gators that have run from me for breakfast. Probably have me for lunch.

When I was 5 I was chasing fireflies and having nightmares about things like this. Kids have changed. Or maybe I was just slow.

And his ambition is to become a cheerleader.

Wow! Sounds like Texas is a place where men are boys and crocs are nervous--or they should be.

Simon's next hunting target should be the story's copy editor.

*is glad on so many levels that I don't live in Texas.*

In the early '70's my family and I traveled, by car, across the U.S. N.C. to California. We were on our way to Clark AFB, Philippines. I was very young but old enough to have heard about the population explosion and how we were running out of land. After about 6 hours of lovely driving through Texas I told my dad I didn't know why they were so worried about running out of land. We still had Texas. I thought it was the biggest place I had ever seen.

Water that gator or it won't grow.

If the kid claims that a gator ate his homework, I wouldn't ask too many questions.

nursecindy, you can't get to the Philippines by car... just sayin'...

I know a short cut frodo.


Y'all want shoes, now?

Hollow it out, put a couple of hinges on one side, and it would make a most excellent toy box.

The mom's larger fear: "Can I keep him? Pleeeeeease?????"

Charity gator wash. Charity gator wash. Get your gator washed here.

WriterDude...Amen to that! But, to be fair, that's one publication where "up to my a$$ in alligators" can be taken literally.

Wow, they've already made a kids's show about this.

"Hey, Mom? Guess what I caught?"

"A rabbit?"

"No, Ma'am."

"Not a snake?"

"Oh, No Ma'am."

"Well, whatever it is, you can't bring it in the house until you clean it up."


*waves @ Hammie!*

*Waves @ Annie!!!*

*waives @ Hammie!*

*waifs @ Meanie!*

*wives @ Annie!*

*snorks* @ all the swervin'.

Gator tastes like frogs' legs.


*weaves @ bonmot!*

*Chuckles @ all the wafers!*

*wavs @ bonmot & NotSherly!*

Waves at everyone!

Big wave to everyone.

and my favorite wave...

WAFs to all!

*WAFFLES for everyone!!!*

um...oh wait.

After we finish those great looking waffles maybe we should take Dave's advice and increase our dosages. btw Allen. My wave is bigger than yours. That would probably sound better coming from another guy.

Oooh! Waffles!

I agree, cindy. Boredom is a dangerous thing here in Blog Land. Although we've been known to amuse ourselves quite easily at times.

Who's got the Twister™???

Instead of Twister let's play Mystery Date Siouxie. I love that game.

Book 'em, Danno!

Ahem, Dave is on vacation and the Blog is out of control! As to the original subject, didn't it seem odd that they found the gator on "another hunter's bait". Where I was raised if you mess with my traps (or my still) the fuedin is going to start!

BTW, I vote for twister.

Does everybody think that this mat will be big enough?

WD - NO JOKE!!! >< I think I went cross-eyed when she mentioned the "book shelve." GAH.

Names have been changed (back) to protect the innocent.

Cindy, my wave had cooler music...

But this is a big snake


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