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September 20, 2009


....this guy.


(Thanks to Horace LaBadie_


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No thanks. We already have that guy at our parties. We call him "the boys."

So, that's what was crawling on the patio?

But can he make a doggy?

I think the kids might have a lot of questions about some of those.

That'll at least stop the kiddies from having nightmares about the evil clown. Good job, Dave!

If he decided to use rubbers instead of balloons, I bet he could get a grant from the NEA.

I'm never going to sleep again.

The ultimate nightmare would be this guy being made by an evil clown who is accompanied by a 91 year old nekkid man who talks like a pirate. And he has a pet squirrel.

He suffered from an inflated ego?

Let me guess... he's single, right?

It will be tough Lairbo but Siouxie and I are willing to let you have this one if he is single. You're welcome.

I actually think these are cool! But then again, I'm an artist so I have a very high tolerance for weirdness.

Sarah -- me too, I think they are amazing. And the photos are even more so -- I thought they were photoshop at first, not worn by actual people. But -- who's going to pop his balloons?

Oh sure. Jason can spend 40 hours creating a sea creature out of balloons, but can he remember to take the trash to the curb?

*Sneaks up on Jason with needle*

Can he do a swine flu?

Could make for an extremely effective public awareness campaign. "Kids, if you don't wash your hands five times a day...."

I wonder if they tried squeaky balloons at Guantanamo ?

The size of the thing! Now I feel inadequate. Not 'cuz of the size, mind. 'Cuz of the imagination. The designs are simple, yet spectacular. Hmmm, I wonder what I can do with clowns and computer security ...

I feel torn between congratulating the creator of these sculptures and shooting the critters with a shotgun.

Reminds me of tomato hornworms that have been parasitized. Creepy.

And yonic. And creepy yonis are NOT a good thing.

"Creepy Yonis" would, however, BAGNFARB.

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