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September 25, 2009


...and now this.

(Thanks to Siouxie)


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They will take my 3-ply out of my cold hands... but I hope they let me wash my hands first.

The environmentalists need to keep their noses out of my business, iycmd. Paper towels will be next.

Yes NUMA, I too say...

"From my cold, dead hands...!"

I will NOT have another fundamental right taken away...

"Should I contribute to clear-cutting and deforestation because the big [marketing] machine has told me that softness is important?"

only if you've named a certain part of your body "big (marketing) machine"..........wtf

*sharpens machete and squeezes her Charmin™*


How about using old growth Senators ?

Those environmentalists are all young starry-eyed idealists who've never had a 'roid.

...when they pry my three-ply out of my cold, dead gluteal fold.

Thanks for sharing that, Layzee.

Check please!

They need to realize that when they point a fecal-encrusted finger at someone four more smelly digits are pointing back(side) at them.

They make creams for that Layzee and bonmot.

Soft T.P. can be made from the long fibers in hemp (Cannabis), which is not old-growth. I tried it once; it worked fine, but I forgot where I left my ass after it got the munchies.

*Snork!* @ Clankazoid!

*snork* @ Ralph.

"Ass Munchies" WBAGNFAPB

My cheeks are clenched in anger.

Taint right.

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I blame gold suppliers and account thieves towards hacking my account.. yes I was liable for not knowing an all way around then.. but that doesn't rationalize these jerks for screwing people over.. you do realize that this spam you see is arriving primarily from hacked evaluations right?

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