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September 26, 2009


Giant baby draws spectators to Indonesian hospital

19.2 POUNDS.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Siouxie)


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Isn't that where all those big earthquakes come from? Now we know why.

Are we sure a small Indonesian man didn't just crawl up in there and get stuck?

Are we?

I figured the blog women who have had children themselves would have Tash's reaction.

Also, Giant Baby WBAGNFA Adam Sandler movie.

I'm surprised he didn't just walk out, shake hands with everyone, and then hug his mother.

And I thought having a 9 pound boy was bad....Can't imagine...And I'm definitely with Tash!

*my hooha is shuddering*

and NOT in a good way...lemme be clear about that!!!


Representatives from Nike were on hand to immediately sign the infant to a shoe deal.

BFF- MY hooha puckered right up.

And I think I heard wimpering from down there.

I sincerely hope his mother had a Caesarian. Otherwise.... ::shudder::

The mother did not give birth, she gave way!

(yes it was C-section but many reasons for the OOOUUCH)

Didn't the Buddha spring from his mother's side, walk in the 4 directions, raise his hand and say "All life is suffering (OUCH), suffering is caused by desire (Don't touch me, remember what happened last time!")??

This kid should be watched. Just sayin.

That was no tsunami - that was her water breaking.

Is this the baby on Cartoon Network? Just kidding.

I'm a guy, but OUCH anyway!

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