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September 01, 2009


Save those squirrel and rabbit heads!

(Thanks to Ralph)


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My grandpa and his friends used to get a nickel for every prairie dog tail they turned in to the wildlife folks in South Dakota. If Tennessee wants its squirrel and rabbit heads, what are they going to give us? I figure at least thirty cents a head with inflation, but some Chickfila or Icee coupons would work too.

I suspect that there is more to this than meets the eye. Some mad scientist is assembling an army of Frankensquirrels.

Small animal Mohel?

Maybe Dave is behind this -- he's hoping this will encourage more squirrel kill

Note to the Anderson's Crew: Avoid travel through Tennessee during squirrel season.

This is scary. I had the same thoughts as Horace.
mixenfrixen my daughter wants me to buy her a prairie dog. They cost $200.00 here at Pet Smart. One of our Wyoming bloggers told me that she could probably get money for getting rid of some there. I'm seriously thinking of sending her to Wyoming asap. I will not, however, pay for what I consider to be a rodent.

Well shucks, then what'll I feed the young'ns fer breakfast?

*Ring* *Ring*

"Tennessee Department of Wildlife. How may I help you?"

"Is this where I go to get a little head? Hahaha!"


Will do.

Good tip.

Hammond -- "Sorry. You've got the wrong number. You want BJ Services."

In Texas, folks apparently fry squirrel heads and crack 'em open over their morning eggs.

Why go all the way out in the woods when you can print them a bunch of squirrel heads off the web?

I find this story hard to swallow.

*WAVES @ Hammie!!*

Siouxie --
Try adding some gravy and the heads should go down easier.

*Waves @ Siouxie!!!*

Squirrel heads,
Squirrel heads,
Roly poly squirrel heads.
Squirrel heads,
Squirrel heads,
Eat them up yum.

They're just a couple of wild and crazy guys.

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