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September 30, 2009


They are pretty darned prepared.

(Thanks to jon harris)


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Situational work practices such as covering windows, barricading doors, and distinguishing
between zombie moans and other moaning encountered in the workplace...

What kind of "moaning" are we talkin' about here?

Looks like someone had a lot of fun writing that one. Especially the footnotes.

I especially like the part where fake vs. real zombies are discussed. I knew they couldn't RUN that fast and still be zombies.

dog, you mean this isn't real??

*hides machete*

Does Judi have a stack of Infected Co-Worker Dispatch Forms? Can she tell the difference between zombies, zambonis, managers, and bosses who are hung-over after a wedding?

Just in time. I'm planning on taking Zombie Studies next semester.

Did the strike tag go away?

Because zamboni was in strike tags.

wire, apparently not.


Need more coffee.

Need more brains!

hahahahahahaha! w/ an extra snork @NMUAlias


"life-impaired" instead of undead...*snicker*

I really need to take this course.

who needs zombies when you have liberal arts majors?

"campus corpse management system" is what I read.

Is ZBSD Zombie BSD?

Oh, btw, my little Typecrap Avatar.

judi, I'm all in favor of zombie attack preparedness butt...


*Sprays Siouxie with firehose*

Ok, guys. Its safe to come out.

I'm usually adverse to direct linking to PDFs located on other sites, but in the case of Zombie Defense there can be no hesitation.

It is about time all those university research grants paid off in some practical applications. Now if they will complete the comparative study in machete sharpening techniques, we're all set. I think the NIH is doing that one.

So what are all those " In Case of Zombie Attach, Break Glass " things for then...?

I think we should keep an open mind. Sure, they're zombies and yes they're not attractive but hey! They were people once too! It's what's on the inside that counts. I wasn't going to mention this on the blog but I do a lot of volunteer work with ZAGGNUT'S. (Zombies are great guys not urban terrorists.)

It caught on in a flash . . .

"I think we've got Gator fans."

The students these days sound like a whole lot more fun than in my days. At least that I remember.

Just the university? Where's FEMA when you need them?

I teach at a local college. I always carry "Zombie-Not," a repellent also known as a red grading pencil. Keeps the varmits at bay, I tell ya.

You all jest, the zombie outbreak is closer then you all realize. Be prepared!

Puh-Lease. They prefer the term "Life impaired." Did all-y'all stop at page 1?

Il n'y a pas de zombies là.
Des zombies et des loup-garou !

There's an app for that.

And the battle rages on between stupidity and the people of our nation's educational system.


Stupidity: 54 Everybody Else: 0

The PDF at UF is gone, but it lives on at other sites:


Thanks to judi at the Dave Barry blog for posting this important item, and thanks to jon harris for sending it to Dave's blog. We put this story up on our website around 11:30 this morning, tweeted it and Facebooked it out, and come this afternoon, it had been picked up by other media, including the Miami Herald (!)... the powers of the interwebs, I guess... ;-)

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