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September 28, 2009


Loose Chickens and The Isolated Incidents

(Thanks to Samantha Donisi)

UPDATE on Loose Fowl 

(Thanks to Allen at Division and Matt Filar)


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I've got some hot sauce I could donate.


It seems to me that whenever you have that many chickens crossing so many roads, the questions always remain

Iowa City Welcomes Loose Chicks.

"urban chicken ordinance" W Also BAGNFARB.

I've always thought chickens were a little slutty.

*SNORK* @ NSherly! That would have been a much better headline. ;)

"goose mayhem"
"drunken visitor and the violated geese"
"fowl destruction"
"honk of pain"
"feathers of death"

...and so on

It's poultry in motion...

(somebody had to say it, along with Pullet-surprise.)

mud?? "a flock of sea gals"?

Did they arrest them and take them to Fowlsome Prison?

A goose is asleep.
He is dreaming of goose drinks.

A moose is asleep.
He is dreaming of moose drinks.

Goose juice, not moose juice,
is juice for a goose.

And moose juice, not goose juice,
is juice for a moose.

Now all's well and good when a moose dreams of moose juice. And nothing goes wrong when a goose dreams of goose juice.

But, when moose dreams a mouthful of juices of goose's,
and goose dreams a mouthful of juices of mooses,

they both fall out of their beds screaming screams.

So, I'm warning you now . . .

Never Drink In Your Dreams!

“They were laying eggs all over the place,” Goodman said of the chickens. “It was actually funny. We were cracking up.”

Welcome to Open Mike Night at the Hen House.

I suspect fowl play.

They took 'em to the monastery so they could stay with the other fryers.

Had the goose been real, it would have won.

A gentleman in a striped coat with a white beard, calling himself the "Colonel", was seen trying to round them up.

Can dumplings be far behind?

bonmot, or him.

Ah sayah, Ah sayah, Boyah!

They caught one of them, but not before she had stripped naked.

I think I saw this news item on The Amazing Race last night. (Please, let somebody get this...)

I'm sorry, but it's f@#king IOWA!!!!

I thought the entire state was covered in corn and chickens, no? And don't all the girls have pigtails and wear gingham??

If not, don't tell me. I want to keep my illusions.

Mr. death: I saw it and I got it. Nice reference.

Punkin, to be fair, yesterday I wore braids and gingham, and fed corn to chickens. As you know, I'm in SoCal.

I guess the main difference is, I looked hot doing it.

When I wear braids and gingham, I don't need any corn. Or chickens.

When you're out hoeing in the field?

When I wear braids and gingham, the martinis are too strong.

I used to wear braids and gingham, but that was before the restraining order.

Duck! Duck! GOOSE--I KEEL YOU!

Judi's doing all the posting - did Dave leave for a trip and forget to inform his nearest and dearest ?
Thanks, Judi, for keeping us entertained !

And *snork* @ MtB !!!

psstt...Telecom....it's Yom Kippur. No blogging allowed.

I are but a dumb Catholic girl. Mea culpa.

Annie, I think you need goosing.

My first thought on seeing a loose chicken would not be to call the police.

What was the raccoon angry about?

Meanie, any pictures of you in gingham and pigtails? Siouxie wants to know.

Sure, cindy. I'll sift through the fireplace and see if I've still got some.

Saw 'em warming up for Atomic Rooster in '71. Helluva show.

*makes note to wear taffeta and pigtails when having drinks with MtB, so as not to show up in the same outfit*

*checks blog bar tip jar for bail money*

"Do you have pictures of any of the loose chickens reported around Iowa City this morning? If so, send them to us at [email protected] and we'll publish them online."

Seems like such a unequivocal promise might prove to be a tad rash. Chickens -- especially loose ones -- have been known to appear in unpublishable situations.

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