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September 14, 2009


It be on Satarrrday, me hearrrties. Black Davy Kidd says it's time to get yarrr pirate name.

(Thanks to Catharrrine)


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The best holiday of the entire yarrrr.


Oh, wait, what do you mean it's not "Talk like Fonzie Day"?

"Your pirate name is Dirty Anne Bonney

"You're the pirate everyone else wants to throw in the ocean -- not to get rid of you, you understand; just to get rid of the smell. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!"

The smell? *blush* Oh, dear. Sorry. I didn't know.

*Slinks out to bathe*

I'll be lookin' forwarrrrd to it me harrrrrrrrrties.

I don't like the name though. I'm sticking with my old one ;-P

Iron John Kidd at your scurvies.

(Now, excuse me while I use the Iron John.)

Why would we want to talk like the Pittsburgh Pirates this year? Oh, not those...

o/t RIP Patrick Swayze
I'm going to have to give my pirate name some thought. Are there girl pirates?

And Congress is back in session... just in time.

My pirate name is Calico Mary Vane.

"Often indecisive, you can't even choose a favorite color. You're apt to follow wherever the wind blows you, just like Calico Jack Rackham, your namesake. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally[sic], but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr!"

Fits me to a tee, especially that last bit.

Nah! Just kidding. I wouldn't sneak.

Arrrrrrrrrrr...avast ye, you swabbies...I have the eyepatch and stuffed parrot ready to go.


Arrr nurse cindy....no girl pirates, just wenches (but the pension plan is terrific).

Avast BFF & spazztic!

Might we be cuzzins???

Anybody seen the mizzen mast?

It's mizzen.

(I loves me them Muppets)

I don't wanna be a wench! I want to be a pirate!

My pirate name is Mad Jenny Flint.

Arr! Mad Tom Flint, here. I'll be buckling my swashes soon, getting ready for TLAPD (Talk Like A Pirate Day).

This is Captain Morgan Bonney, firin' one warnin' shot over cindy's head to Iron Morty: keep your eye patch off tonight so you can see, in case Cutlass Liz, Anne Bonny, Mary Read, Golden Grace, or any other fine pirate lassies take a cutlass blade to you scurvy, lyin' throat! aaarrrrrr!

Arrrrrr! Me pirate name buckles me swashes!

nursecindy, I too want to send up my thoughts for Patrick Swayze and his family. He was a great actor, and a fantastic dancer, and his talent will be missed. Sorry to have lost him!!

ARRRRR! Poor Pat was skittled to thee brisket.

Arrr, that thievin' contraption tried to keelhaul me into abidin' the presence of the name "Black Harry Kidd!" Tis a mockery!

Thank Davy Jones me pappy gave me a respectable moniker.


Harrrr. Better pirate noymnes this yarr, but it looks like a bunch of pirate families. I be Bloody Tom Kidd. Me and Iron John and that wench Dirty Ethel be goin' to knock over a few sloops. If you can't raid a sloop then frigate.

Every TLAPD, I'm reminded that, when my daughter graduated with her masters degree from ASU, her roommate, friends, Mr. Ducky, the boyduckling, and I all stood up and shouted "AARRRRR!" instead of a more traditional cheer. It's one of my fondest memories.

Arrrr, mateys! Me pirate name is Captain Anne Rackham!

To the scuppers wi' all your lot!

My pirate name is: Dirty Mary Kidd

Yarrr! I be Iron Sam Kidd! It be my bedtime, me hearties! Have ye seen me teddy bear and me blankee?

Good night!

Arrrhh, Cap'n Anne! Ye daughter was a Sun Devil? She be havin' her OWN pirate name, methinks! (Just had dinner with my brother, also an ASU alum, so that came to mind...!!)

Aye, Black Tom, the girlduckling will be celebratin' TLAPD, I'm sure!

When we were in Tempe for the graduation in early May, it was already getting up to 105 in the afternoon. I was glad she didn't graduate in August.

Cindy: Check out Anne Bonny, a real-life female pirate!

(No, I'm not related to the lovely Ducky! Interestingly, Anne Bonney had a fling with a real pirate named Rackham, John "Calico Jack" Rackham.



Close paren.

Ducky, yeah, by brother got up at about 6:00 or so this morning to catch his flight up here to Denver, and said it was 84 degrees (the "low" temp, mind you!!)...

For ye swabbies, that be "my brother..."

Monsoon (Mad Tom Flint) since my pirate last name is Kidd also does that mean we're a couple? If so may I have the credit card? I need to go buy some shoes to go with my new pirate/wench dress. A couple of hundred should do it.

Arr... I be another member of the mad Flint Clan, sometimes known as Black Davey. I be needin' a punch line here, me hearties.

*SNORKS* at nursecindy!!!!

(Sorry, that should be, "Lass, ye have the wit to ye!!")

(But really, mostly *SNORKS*!!!)

I'm not happy with my pirate name. I'm going to try the website from last year.
Dread Pirate Cash ?

I be ready.

KJP, can't give you the punchline, but (trust me on this), if you throw in the word "barnacle," it's GOING to work... (trust me...)

There once was a ship called the "Barnacle,"
Who's captain always wore a monacle,

Nope, got nuthin'... Anyone else?

Snorks at Cheryl!! (Madame de Oui Oui???)

Arrhh, lass, ye need to stop making me snork find yer true pirate name!

I be usin' me last-year's name. Arr.

I've had my "PirateName" for almost 8 years now. But still, it's nice to see a potential new holiday :)

The grog is on Annie! (No, wait! I can't say that until someone actually spills some...)

Aye! Avast abaft abeam, ye filthy scum. Dirty Sam Bonney heerrrrre!

PirateBoy, put away yer grog and sends me some rum (spills some, just so Annie will..., well, whatever Annie does...)

*Oh, Lord God, what have I just said??...*

can I still say, "Luvs ya, Annie!"??? Yeah, prolly not..

Arrrrr! My name be Mad Charity Rackham, arrrrrr!

I wonder what Judi's pirate name is... Did I miss that?

Second try:

There once was a ship called the "SeaTrek"
Whose Captain was known as the "She Wreck"
A Pirate was he,
Known on the sea,
By all, but his men on the B-Deck..."

DavCat, judi's "Pirate Name" is "judi"... we here understand... (*SNORKS!!!*)

Dirty Tom Roberts at your service landlubbers.
Disparaging remarks have been made about my cleanliness (or lack thereof) and the legitimacy of my birth. Be warned.

Avast!! From now on ye be callin' me Mad Harry Bonney mates!!

"Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!"

Captain Jack Rackham (pronounced RACK-em), to you.

Does "Away and raffle yer bagel" fit in anywhere here? Seems to, somehow...

Time for a Bloody Mary...ARRRRR!

"Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. Even through many pirates have a reputation for not being the brightest souls on earth, you defy the sterotypes. You've got taste and education. Arr!"

Black Sam, "Ye swagger, me brother, gets ye no rum!" Offs wi' ye, and take care of the rats on this dyin' ship! Arrgghh!!

*saves her Pirate Talk for TLAPD - all thoses AARRRRRRR's makes me throat sore*

i'm Iron Bess Kidd.
i kinda like that. tlpd falls on rosh hashananananananah! ack. i mean arrrrr.

I be takin' the kids to the librarrry... they be havin' a parrrty there.

Arrr, me shuggenahs! If ye neglects Rosh Hashanah there'll be no ration o' matzoh and Manischevitz for ye!

Arrrrrgh! The feisty wench, with the fyrrre innereyes -- strip herrr, and bring her to me!

Bloody Charity Vane (aka Punkin) & Dread Pirate Vane (aka Siouxie) -
I'm a single wench. Ne'r married, so Vane be me maiden name. Perhaps ye and are related to me father, Weather, or me uncle, Yourso? Arrrrrr ye?

*OYSNORK* @ pad!

LOL @ spazztic. Mebbe so mebbe so.

Arrrrr, Iron Bess Kidd here -- mye that be me cuzzin up thar in thees listins?

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!

oi, Ai said those parrots was taystee, why thar be such a dull description?

Aaaaarrrrr, same name as annuther!!!!

Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh fed up wi the saime naime as everyone else. Another dubbed me Cheatin' Abigail Slaughter.

Now we'll keep our throats clear till TLAPD


Ahoy there me hearties. We love talk like a pirate day here at http://www.play-and-stay.co.uk/. Check out our website and try your hand at a few swashbuckling online games. You could even win ye very own pirate ship. Arrrrrr!!

Ahoy tha! There be a FREE talking, hornpiping Pirate eCard on offer over yonder at http://www.cardfish.com/card/pirates where you can post yer matey's photo and get them to Talk Like a Pirate! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!


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