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September 25, 2009


You NEED a flu shot.

(Thanks to Mike Zlotnick)


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I guess all the blog guys have gone to stand in line for their flu shots.

Clinical question for nursecindy: Are there any dangers in getting multiple flu shots? You know, one this week....one next week....and one the following week.

Not me. The problem with flu shots is they give you the flu.

This looks like an effective health care delivery system, perhaps better than street corner clinics because here you are using one facility for two purposes. I think Sen. Baucus and the entire Senate Finance Committee will want to take a field trip and see this.

tw, most people only want one so I really don't know. bonmot, I have to give this speech every year because I give flu shots at factories and other places for the Health Dept. The flu shots years ago contained a live flu virus which did give some people the flu. Usually their immune systems weren't great anyway. They no longer contain live viruses and will not give you the flu. People who say it gave them the flu probably had already been exposed to the virus and would have gotten sick anyway. Also you can take a flu shot and still get the flu because basically the CDC and others have to guess at what strains of flu will be dominant and sometimes other strains of the virus will show up and the shot will not work against them. One more thing and then I will be quiet. If anyone ever comes into work and says they had the 'flu' over the weekend and look fine now they didn't have the flu. The flu usually lasts at least a week and is very debilitating. I've had it twice in my life and death would have been welcomed. Also, if you have a fever and think you are getting the flu, don't be a hero and go to work! You're exposing everyone else. This has been your long, boring PSA for the day.

Thank you Cindy. And if you cough, cover your mouth (yes, I mean YOU, Mr. Hacker in the 2nd car of the 6:13PM train from NY to Trenton).

I'm just wondering if you have to put a dollar in the nurse's pocket after she gives the shot.

"A little uncomfortable at first, I actually texted my wife to try to find her and go right to her immediately."

I'll bet.

It's better to put it in her pocket before she gives you the shot and make it a five Braniff. I was giving flu shots at Freightliner one year and this one guy came into the clinic with a couple of his friends. I turned around to draw the medicine up and when I turned back around to give him the shot he was standing there with his pants around his ankles. I just walked over and gave it to him in his arm. His buddies told him it went in his bottom. He was very embarrassed.

Got my flu shot last Sunday.

At the pharmacy in the local grocery store. Given by a doctor who is older than I am. Never got a flu shot before. Never wanted one. Hate needles. Have been known to pass out when confronted with needles.

Got the flu last winter. Immobilized for 2 days, and sick for another 4. This year I got the damned shot.

they do that at the rachel's here in west palm, also, for those of you who don't want to drive to orlando

*wonders when Dave will be heading out to Orlando*

The Walgreen's in my area are also giving them for $25.00. Of course the Walgreen's employees won't strip for you.

Judging by the employees at the local Walgreen's, that is a good thing, cindy.

And the return of the complimentary lunch buffet has geriatrics coming in droves.

Believe me, strippers are great but when it comes to Florida seniors, the free buffet rules!

For an extra $20 you can also turn your head and cough. Unless Cindy had different rates.

I don't know if I have $20 to give you Sharkie. Oh wait. You were going to pay me! Okay how is $5 ?
Siouxie, Dave is far too young to go to a Senior clinic for a flu shot.

*snork* @ MartiniShark

Woo-Hoo, discount! (She must charge by volume)

The flu shot can be dangerous, I heard about this one guy who got the shot, and just as he was leaving the doctor's office he was run over by a truck!

But MKJ he didn't get the flu.

Fabric-free flu shots? Cool.


The shot is about 70% effective which means you could still catch it, it's just less likely. If you get the nasal mist version of the seasonal flu "shot" that drops to about 35% effectiveness.

In other words: It's not magic.

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