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September 29, 2009


You're needed in New Jersey.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Inspired by giving the bull a sedative:
From http://www.baylorfans.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-48892.html

Monster: Mmm.
(Monster lunges at Freddy, grabbing him around the throat)
Freddy: Wh-what is it? What's the matter?
(Being choked)
Quick, give him the -! (being choked)
Quick, give him the -! (being choked)

Igor: What? Give him the what? (Freddy holds
out his arm, then taps 3 fingers on it)
Three syllables.

(Freddy taps 1 finger)

Igor: First syllable. Sounds like - ?

(Freddy points to his ear while being choked
and shaken)

Inga: Head. Sounds like head. Bed?
Uh, said?

Igor &
Inga: Said.

Igor: Said.

(Freddy taps 2 fingers on arm)

Inga: Said. Second syllable. Little word.
This? That? The?

Igor: A? Said a?

Inga: Said a?

Igor: Dirty word! (Hopping and clapping)
He said a dirty word!!

Igor &
Inga: Sounds like - ?

(Freddy 'gives' with his hands)

Inga: To give? Give?Give him a sedagive! (http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/4159/sedagive.wav) Igor: Sedagive! Give him a sedagive!

Inga: Oh, TIVE. Tive. Sedative.

(Freddy taps his nose, Monster continues
to choke and shake Freddy.)

Igor: On the nosey!

(Inga administers a sedative shot to the
monster, who collapses.)

Freddy: (Catching his breath) SedaGIVE?!!

Thank you, Not My Usual Mel Brooks.

BTW, I am NOT going to New Jersey, and neither are any of my friends. We've seen what happens to people that live in coastal lands.

Couldn't they wait until he woke from the drugs and let him walk in to the slaughterhouse so at least his life would have had some meaning by turning him into fine steaks and chops?


First killer turkeys, now rampaging bulls. Who says New Jersey doesn't have any wildlife? And I don't mean the Bada-Bing.

I felt sorry for the bull when I read this for some odd reason. Poor little cow. I am curious about something. What does bada-bing, bada-boom stand for? There are some very nice people from New Jersey that I go to church with and they say this a lot. Maybe it's just my southern ears but it drives me nuts. They say it a lot.

“Instead of him going into his cage, he went down East Seventh,”

"Prepare to turn left."

"Recalculating route."


"Goats, bears and many other types of unusual critters have run through the streets of Paterson, mostly escaped livestock from slaughterhouses."

They routinely slaughter BEARS in Paterson?!

At the Meadowlands, I can see it, but Paterson?

Where's Robert Barone when you need him?

The Bada-Bing was the strip club in The Sopranos. The best way I know to explain "bada-bing, bada boom" is an expression similar to yada yada yada.

It ain't the meat
It's the emotion.

Paterson, NJ? The birthplace of Lou Costello?

Hey, Abbatoir!!!!!

That went way over ma tête, Meanie. I had to look it up. Nice job.

I say, if he escaped and they can't use him for meat, he should be retired to a nice meadow somewhere where he can boast that he's the one that got away... Total waste of moo-moo!

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