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September 25, 2009


Be on the lookout.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Just say "Lester"...

In a related story, Victoria's Secret ran ads during the premiere of "Cougartown". Go figure...

Of course you got annoyed and didn't pay them any attention right Allen? I mean everybody hates commercials. btw, you watched Cougartown?

Cougartown might merit another look, but the Witches of Eastwick thing that came after it was sort of lame.

Cindy, the Cougars are the local football team, silly! What were YOU thinking?

My DVR is broken. Not only does it not skip the Victoria's Secret commercials, it goes into slow-motion.

I've seen the previews for Cougartown, Allen. The cable or satellite company will replace that DVR you know. I prefer more brain stimulating shows like Nova, anything on Nat Geo, and reruns of The Andy Griffith Show. But only the b&w ones.

Excellent photo journalism.

I saw Cougartown.

It was just OK.

So do women "really hate doing that" or is that just something they tell men?

I used to have an office in Lester (correct pronounciation). Still can't spell it.

So...you don't pronounce the "shire" part??

whu nu?

You do, Siouxie. Leicester (Lester) is the city, add the 'shire' for the county.

Of course, I also worked in Schednek Skednecht upstate New York.

I hope they do not get them in a twist . . .

Wine, women, and thong.

Given the volume of items taken it is very likely that there was more than one person involved in the robbery or a vehicle was used to transfer the goods away from the scene. Ya think?

So...they haven't nicked the 250-thousand-nicker knicker nickers to send them to the nick.

That'll teach 'em. They should transport their goods on a proper truck.

also, as a former resident of Worst Wist Wersch Woosta, MA, I can sympathize with the English(?) spellings of various towns...


Replace Allen's DVR ?? Do you know hard (no pun, really) it is to alter that thing to do that ?

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