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September 27, 2009


Student Jessica Taylor was shocked to see her late-night gefilte fish snack light up the kitchen of her north London family home by glowing bright green and yellow.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)

Vaguely Related Update: Bagelgate

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Well, it's no burning bush, but it will do.

If anything comes out of the refrigerator glowing trust me, I'm not going to eat it. Glowing Gefilte wbagnfa(kosher)rb.

I'd eat it, but only if the water in the sink was parted and the fries caught fire and spoke to me.

“Sometimes the fish eat some phosphorus and it glows. It’s good for you. We’re not the manufacturer, we just sell it.”

I'd like to see the guy from Moshe's who said that eat the fish.

I'm with cindy: if it glows, out it goes.

Glow-in-the-Dark gefilte fish? Two thumbs down.

When told he had to pay for the bagel, the officer claimed he didn't have his wallet, said "If it's not free, I don't want it" and drove off.

What a hole.

So, what's so wrong about a little light snack?


BFF, I hear there's a cream for that burning bush problem.

Don't tell her that Siouxie. Last time she had that cream she brushed her teeth with it.

Didn't Debbie Boone sing about this?

You light up my whitefish
Pack it to go
Please Mr. Moshe
With light mayonnaise
Just because I keep kosher

LOL stevie!


nursecindy - I told my step sister about brushing w/ the cream, and she informed me that she, too, had mistaken a tube of Desitin™ for toothpaste! Ick!

I think the Desitin would be worse. I can't imagine the taste. Yuck!

It tastes like gefilte fish.

...from one whose been there, and lived to tell about it, eh aw?

Officer Mahovich should be ashamed for making all Jewish cops look bad. (Oh wait. I'm not sure there are any others.)

Nope, Siouxie told me. I wouldn't touch gefilte fish with a ten-foot Pole.

I want the wheat, the whole wheat, and nothing but the wheat.

And the truth shall set ye back $1.39.

What didn't he pay, and when didn't he pay it?

He didn't pay $1.30 for a bagel, as he thought they were a free courtesy for cops. It turns out doughnuts are free, and bagels are somewhat costly. It sounds like a misunderstanding to me.

Glowing Gefilte Fish WBAGNFARB.

The conference center on Star Island, NH uses sea water in the toilets. Sometimes at night, little glowing critters dart around the bowl.

That's one way to make your day a little bit brightah...
Or you could eat a little pickled herring by Vita.

Just a misunderstanding. The officer was a Bagel Rights Activist. What he actually said was, "If it isn't free-RANGE, I don't want it."

"I’m a qualified micro-biologist and I have never heard of this. I think it was an act of God." Qualified how exactly?

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