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September 26, 2009


Matador to Advertise Gay Drink on Cape

(Thanks to DavCat)


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..."seven goring wounds" ...
Those are from bull fighting, right?

From the headline, I thought they were referring to Provincetown and didn't see how it was newsworthy.

It could be worse. I mean, like cockfighting instead of bullfighting.

Matador Joselito Ortega will be plugging a club-scene energy beverage called Gay Up and have those words embroidered into his cape in large, red cursive letters.

You forgot to add NTTAWWT, Dave.

So, 7-Up must be very butch.

For him, it's mano y mano.

Take the um...bull by the um...horn I always say.


Take the um...bull by the um...horn I always say.


NotSherly - I had the same reaction, having spent 8 years in P-town... "So what?"

Also... am I going to have to import this so as to keep ahead of the other trendy guys, or just wait for it to go onsale at my local watering hole?

So,does a "gay" drink make you gay if you drink it? Or, do you have to be gay to order one??

Um, how come I got a little icon thingy on my post? (or am I the only who sees it??)

Flah, the alien overlords have taken over typepoop.

We all get it before we post.

This is a crass, shameful break from the esteemed traditions.

Plus that lettering will interrupt the clean lines of his cape and distract from the overall flow of his ensemble. A tasteful crinoline pattern that augmented his lower physique will draw the eyes naturally while some reflective colors at the shoulder will create an active pattern effect.

I'm beginning to wonder about our Sharkie.

Has anybody tried to order a Gay Up straight up?

NTTAWWT, of course. OR IS THERE????????

No, there isn't.

*signs Sharkie up for next season of "Project Runway"*

Wait...so Malaga bought the European rights to Gay Up from Colombia, but wants to market it to gays in Spain, but thinks it will be more appealing to gays as an energy drink, not a gay drink, therefore are associating it with matadors; but only a second-string matador will wear its logo, and meanwhile the first-string matadors are...

I'm sorry. Some stories are just too layered for me to deal with.

The gays
In Spain
Ortega's cape

I think they've got it...

Just what I need after a long day at work, a cold, refreshing bottle of Gay Up!

What? He couldn't swing an endorsement from Red Bull?

You have to show your gay license to buy one. Are you gay enough for Gay Up. You're never too straight to Gay Up.

When I first read Dave's blurb, I thought it said mayor.

I can't believe that I'm the only one who is thinking of the old Carly Simon song "Safe and Sound" with the line:

"Flash from Mexico...the toreadors have all turned gay."

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