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September 25, 2009


Woman gets pregnant -- while pregnant

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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Men. It was probably already there but wouldn't ask for directions to the uterus so it got lost for a couple of weeks.

Oh baby! Oh, baby?

Figures it was Arkansas.

Them rednecks ain't shootin' blanks!

Apparently when she wasn't barefoot and in the kitchen it fooled the simple-minded father...

There have been cases of the same thing happening with two different fathers.

What's the html code to turn the humor back on?

They've already named them, the fetus is Cletus and the embryo's Emilio.

it's a nightmare come true!

I wonder what the birth announcements will look like--

"We've got a new litter at our house!"

Since this is Arkansas they will probably refer to them as "the twins". Or else as First Dwayne, Second Dwayne.

Layzeeboy here is a picture of the other father.

What makes you think it's not .

I met a person who was the father of such twins. Before the days of ultrasound, the doctor didn't realize there was a preemie coming down the pike until almost too late.

ummmm . . . this guy.

bon, also don't forget that W probably went through Arkansas on his way back to Texas. Timing's about right, too. Hmmmmmm.......

Damn you, cindy.

hehehehehehe. Just trying to make you smile Layzee.

cindy -
first post: *SNORK!!*



More like superflirtation.

"Hey, babe, howzabout some superfetation tonight?"

Allen at Division:
" Not tonight dear. I'm in labor with the twins. The triplets will be here next week."

"Why, bless your heart, tramp.

"Git offa me Dad, you're crushin' my smokes."

Arkansas teen, losing her virginity. Or Mackenzie Phillips.

So it's still true that "you can't be a little bit pregnant", but apparently you can get even more pregnant.

"...guess what, you get a second fetus"

But, wait! That's not all! If you call within the next fifteen minutes, we'll throw in this set of matching cousins at no extra charge! That's right - you get four ....


*snorks* @ writerdude and mtb.

Ya'll aren't making fun of the south are you?

Didn't get me to click on that one, cindy.

He's America's greatest contribution to birth control.

I did deserve that one Jeff. However, the last link I posted, I promise cross my heart etc., is not BM. It is my favorite cartoon character in fact.

Well, being in arkansas, we do at least wait for the placenta to be delivered after birth before we have sex

New excuse: Not tonight honey, I've gotten pregnant the last seven two times.

oh - oh,

judiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii...Tash broke the blogggggggggggg!

I knew someone this happened to!

*snork* @ cindy for the first post

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