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September 29, 2009


You need to be more alert.

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)


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No kidding, Dave.

Many years ago in Virginia, when I was but a lad, a neighbor had "carajo" as a license plate.

Be alert! This country needs more lerts!

I loved the "Hippo Eats Dwarf" article.

Wiredog, I thought "carajo" was Spanish for "crows nest". as on Spanish Galleons? So the Virginia bureaucrats probably just thought you were a sailing buff...

I have a friend in Richmond who secretly bought his wife a new Pontiac Vibe a few years ago. They have been married for about 10 years and she was originally from Oakland, CA, and a big football fan. Well, he thought that he would be the perfect husband and he got her a VA vanity plate that said, "RAIDER". Little did he suspect that 6 months down the line, a 14 year old schoolmate of their daughter remarked to her, "Hey, your mom drives a vibrator all day!!!"

The marriage was a bit strained for a short time, but he claimed absolute ignorance, and needless to say, everyone believed him.

They probably think they're spelling "Virginia."

Let's hear it for the cunning linguist!

I hate to get behind a car with a vanity plate and I can't figure out what it means. It's hard enough driving sometimes without having to take a 'What's my license plate mean?' test at every stoplight.

Ah, yes. Vriginia IS for lovers!

The link is blocked by my over-protective filter. Somebody spell it out for me, please?

Allen -- someone submitted a vanity plate for the word AGINAS.

Then they bought the plate featuring what is presumably their alma mater, UVA, but it shows up on the plate as a big "V" before the rest of the letters.

Now who doesn't like the Big V?

Thanks, bonmot.

"There was a young woman named Dinah..."

I wonder if other states offer the school spirit option -- Alabama could have SSHOLES, and Iowa could have DIOTS ...

Vanity license plates I saw in the Commonwealth:


I did not personally see the EATTHE plate of the Kids First class.

Anybody do a google search for Virgina (missing the third I) recently?

I haven't spent too much time driving the mid-west or west coast areas, but over the course of a dozen or so east coast trips and time in DC and Virginia, I have to say that it seems like every other VA car has a vanity plate! I wonder what state issues the most?

Florida has about a bazillion specialty plates (actually about 104 to date) for schools, universities, sports teams, "save the whatevers", etc.

The irony is too much, considering what Virginia was named for.

This car is reported stolen at least once a week, just so that the BOLO can be sent out.

maybe its from a cardiologist. ANgina. i dunno.

I think this is the best vanity plate I've seen:

Maybe that lovely Texas lady could drive up to Chicago where that young man was video-taped as he was beaten to death.
/sorry, not funny/

There's someone down here that must be either a Miami Dolphins fan (poor b*st*rd!), a Florida Marlins fan (an even dumber soul), or perhaps just a fisherman who's plate reads "GOGHOTI".

Or maybe they like playing cards.

The dumbest word in the English language is "phonetic". It isn't.



the person who approved that plate needs to listen while their supervisor talks to them for a long time...maybe delivers some kind of monologue...

10S NE1

Used to be mine many years ago.

A Star Wars fan I know has X-WINGR

My favorite local tag.

Hmmm... I can't decide whether I like the wheelchair TIMMAY or "EAT THE Kids First" best. :)


Leetie, I don't get it. TIMMAY?


Timmay is the crippled kid in South Park and the only thing he can say is his name. It is his response to everything.

Thanks. I suppose that if I didn't think that South Park is the worst TV show in the history of the world, I may have gotten the joke.


i saw once licence plate saying "EXPIRED"

Oh, Oh, Oh. I saw the car with that plate on the highway the other day driving creeping into DC. It did make me smile.

today i saw (i was cut off in fact) by a car with the plate IML8IML8... i wish i could say it was driven by a large white rabbit...


It may be because vanity plates are quite cheap in VA. Got one myself.

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