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August 28, 2009


The World's Heaviest Insect


(Thanks to Peter Metrinko)


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"Made is Australia".


"Euwwww yuk, a cockie" about sums it up for me.

"And before you go 'Ewwww yuck, a cockie'", you'd better check with Siouxie.

"Ewwww yuck, a cockie"

Thankfully, my wife got over that.


Snack food.


I think we can take care of that ewwwwy yucky cockie with this guy.

Cockroach - Australian for bear.

Seen one cockie...seen 'em all...

One more reason NOT to live down under!

That was disappointing. I was expecting it to weigh four or five pounds, the way they hyped it. 35g is only an ounce and a quarter.
Not that it wouldn't make a really disgusting mess if you stomped it.

"Australia's giants give birth to live young, look after them in a burrow, make "great pets" and dine on leaves. "

"Leaves" of course is an obscure Australian slang for "children"

People pay money for these things? No thank you.

I had a spider that could have eaten one of those, thank god.

/me hands these so-called "scientists" a Goliath Beetle

(Look it up on Wikipedia. Far larger than this thing.)


Once you get into the article it says "Contender for the title of worlds heaviest insect" and the real headline says it MAY be the worlds heaviest insect. But of course it's wrong.

The Goliath beetle is 3.5 oz in the larval stage and half that as an adult. That's comparable to this, but still heavier, just not by such a huge margin.

Talk about getting my hopes up... Now I need another candidate for my mutation experiments....

That was supposed to be


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