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August 30, 2009


Beds made of hay are the latest hotel craze

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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says Sarah, "what better way for a team to bond than by eating together around a camp fire and then rolling around in the hay?"
In most companies this isn't usually recommended for team building!

First, 40 minutes later? Everybody's sleeping in?

Wake up and smell the coffee! Or, if you prefer "the hair of the dog", I've also got Bloody Marys on the bar...

I keep thinking of Young Frankenstein..."Vould you like to have a roll in ze hay?:

Siouxie, you think of that regardless of what's posted. ;)

Well..yeah...and your point is?? ;-P

Hey Amiga?? are those fires close to you at all??

["For lovers, there's nothing more exciting than a night on the hay," says Heinz Laing, a former Greenpeace activist who runs a hay hotel outside Hamburg.]

Really??? Somehow, a really well done roll in the hay would probably excite me more. Just saying . . .

And for allergy sufferers, free tansportation via hay wagon to the emergency room!

tosses 'r' up there

Fires are closer to Telecom than me. Although I'm sure she's fine. It's gonna be another hot one today - over 100 degrees, with extremely low humidity. /weather report

In case anyone's thinking of a hay-cation, when we baled hay, we baled whatever was in the hay - poison ivy, snakes, bunny parts....just sayin'... you could get more than a mint on your pillow... < eg >

My Grandparents had these. Except it wasn't called a 'back to nature' experience. It was called living in the country. They also had feather beds which I hated because they would smash down on the side and I would always fall out of the bed.

I suppose this is ok, as long as the hay's been sprayed with a carcinogenic fire retardant for safety's same.

No smoking in bed policy? What about in the (presumably hay-filled) "seating area?

i thought of that young frankenshtein line too... but also i remembered my grandmother talking about sleeping in hay, in eastern europe --- she came to the US in 1906. i think we've all moved on. sheesh.

Why am I not suprised that environmentalist nutjobs are ecstatic about medieval sleeping arrangements?

I'll stick with my Sealy Posturepedic in my nice, snug, air-conditioned apartment, thank you very much.

I think I'd bale on the whole thing.

Reminds of my childhood buddy's grandfather's barn. It had a hay chute from the second floor that was great, dirty, dusty fun to slide through. That room looks like a barn dorm. Good luck with that.

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