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August 22, 2009


MRI porn.

Warning: Do not click on the link unless you are prepared to view explicit images in which you can't really tell what the hell is going on.

(Thanks to Lord G)


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What will scientists think of next.

"Images are available to...laypeople with an interest in reproductive anatomy." Translation: people who watch porn.

I had to pause the video to quote that- too funny!

I've heard the phrase "tickle the ivories", but "tickle the ovaries"?

My favorite part- they got an Ig Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine!

So, have they determined whether or not size really matters?

Was that " Bolero " I heard playing in the background ?

The background music was "Rise to The Occasion" with an encore by S&G with "Slip, Sliding Away."

Kind of takes the romance out of it doesn't it?

I understand the scientist is marketing a line of lead-shielded lingerie.

Whew, I need a cold shower after that!

Transparency is pervasive in this administration.

Good thing it feels better than it looks.

This is why you should keep the lights off . . .


What about the happy ending?? OR did I miss that?

"ahhh, sweet m.r.i. of life at last i've found you..."


I'm relieved that all that every time I think I'm aroused, it isn't just in my head.

What?? I said I was relieved. Of the worry. You know what I mean.

*SNORKS!!!* (again) at insom!!

Looks like a transparent man model got together with a transparent woman model. A little transparent affection.

I watched the video and now my comp is infected with ads to make my atoms larger and some DVD company called NucleicFlix.

that was mildly stimulating

[...]Do not click play unless you are prepared to view explicit images in which you can't really tell what the hell is going on...[...]

Gotta admire the quick-thinking behind this. "Hey, what are you two doing fooling around in the MRI?" "Uh, RESEARCH! For a scientific paper. Yeah, research."

When you are a geek, home video is so 2008.

Not to throw cold water on the, uh, situation, but did they explain the experiment to the clean-up crew?
"What the h#<< is this? Ewww."

A cartoon made from the anatomy transparencies in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Didn't Monty Python already do this years ago?

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