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August 28, 2009


Reason 2,038,000: An anagram map of the London Underground.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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*turns right....no left*

Nothing beats British humor.


Looks like the Golden Glades interchange.

That is awesome. And "Able Rook" is a much better name than "Bakerloo."

Makes me wanna take a "Good Hard Walk."

If you are going to Mount Men, you may have to pass through Queerer Elastics (NTTAWWT)

And if you are going to Erect Bone, you may have to look at Kaput Porn on the way.

This is a copy of the new health care reform heiarchy

Also, if you are going to Get Report Translated, a Bawdier Analogy must use Mnemonic Goal and not Ye Pun.

And they all WBAGNFARB.


(Mind the Gap!)

Queer Spank leads directly to Swelled Injunction.

However, if you thought that either Queerer Elastic or Queer Spanks would lead to Greek Dawns, you would be wrong.

Queerer Elastic will only get you to Chronic Grass or Rodent Channel, and Queer Spanks will only get you to Browny Helmet if you use Swelled Injunction.

BTW... I heard that Richard Gere once used Rodent Channel.

It should be noted though, that if you use Queer Spanks to get to Swelled Injunction, you very well could wake up in Greek Dawns. Queer Spanks Just won't get you to Greek Dawns directly.

Use this to get to one of those ATM machines that are using cockney rhyming slang and well I can see why they are having increased alcohol use in England.

It doesn't matter. Men never read maps anyway.

SNORK @ Jazzz and cindy

Whither Saute Yeow? (where is the way out?)

I could have used this when I got lost in the shower this morning.

Wait, those aren't the real station names?


Sarah, I'd have to agree with you for most of these, as I saw the Wifely Stench open for Black Sabbath in '75, and I have the Greatest Hits CD of the Dark Tonsil Glands. You'd have to ask Siouxie about Erect Bone though...

And Internal Puke gets mentioned on this blog a lot, it's just phrased as, "I just threw up in my mouth a little bit," based on their signature song lyrics...

As Chris points out, I'm pretty sure most of these could pass for real British towns.
"I'd like to take the red line from Nether Bangle to Otter Bend please."

oh that was fun. it took me forever to get one ... :) lancaster gate (castrate angel) was my first one, 'cause that's the main one i used.

I'm with Chris and Kam...it looks pretty official to me

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