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August 09, 2009


Reason number YIKES


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New from Calvin Klein, "Python Musk," for the constrictor in you.

I think they left the word 'Crazy' out of the title in front of 'Miami Man'. I wonder if he's single.... Hey Siouxie, I've got another guy for you!

Definitely not getting paid enought.



I saw "Python Patrol" open for "the Scorpions" in '78.

no - uh uh - not going to register


I checked bugmenot.com for free logins.

``He said, `Bobby, I've got a snake here. It's as big as my truck.' ''

'And I said, "feets don't fail me now!"'

The really scary thought is that the vicious alligator eating snakes are only there because people keep them as pets.

Dave, if I were you, I'd keep Lucy in a kennel that's more like a cage!

Even up North, we have pet snatching varmints....I'd freak if it were snakes...... and never on a Plane...


Gonna need a bigger swamp.

Python musk, oooo, baby, you ma main squeeze.

If he can smell a snake, there's work for him in the Washington, D.C. No wait... The whole place smells like snake.

The only way to get rid of the Snakes, there, would involve something like Big Trouble... without the Ocean


Yabbut pythons make great garden guardians.

Snakes, gators, tigers, etc. do NOT qualify as pets. They have never been, nor ever will be, domesticated. Pythons do what pythons do, and their "owners" should be held accountable to the full extent of the law for the damage the pythons do, (the only way our legal system can prosecute stupidity), because pets and people are going to die for no other reason than these idiots suspend reality and think of their python as a "pet."

Steps (with only one foot) off of soapbox...

a mating ball, where multiple males entwine a receptive female

Frat party?

Am i the only one that caught the fact that the ranger in the Everglades is named ... wait for it... Skip Snow?

Is there a comparable ranger up in Acadia NP in Maine neamed Skip Sunshine? Skip T. Beach?

Pythons love S. Florida because their natural diets consists of meth-addicted strippers and the Camaro-driving parolees that the strippers date making S. Florida a veritable python smorgasbord...

that character is straight out of a hiassen book.

So what, precisely, is the problem with "judicious employment of a 12-gauge" when dealing with South Florida's python problem?

Snakeskin boots for everyone, I say.

I could use a pair myself...

". . .www.tongs.com, which bills itself as the ``world's leader in reptile handling equipment.''"

Hello, gift guide!

My Ball Python is insulted at being stereotyped; she's 12 years old, four feet long, and no danger to anything but mice. Burmese Pythons do not belong in Florida, but in New England, dogs are far more dangerous.

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