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August 29, 2009


Police arrest 2 after spatula fight in state park

(Thanks to DavCat)


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Never take a belt buckle to a spatula fight.

There can be only one!

I blame Bill Murray.

Slap fight! (There would be real potential liabilities to taking your belt off for a fight).

*branishes Cuisinart*

Shoulda flipped him.

"I blame Bill Murray."

I don't know which is worse... That you actually said that or that I got the reference without having to think about it.

I saw the State Park Spatulas open for Mondo Bongo, if anyone cares...

Quincy always knew spatula and belt buckle wounds when he saw them. Ah, what a show that was !

Uses spatula to flip Clankazoid onto geezer bus.

throws a "d" up there...

State Park Spatula Fight WBAGNFARB. Or maybe not.

stop, or i will hit you with this plastic kitchen tool...(read it with an inspector Clouseau accent)

I picture Indiana Jones whipping out the revolver.

I picture Julia Child whipping out a cast iron pan.

I'm trying to picture what was going on before the fight that he happened to have a spatula with him.

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