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August 23, 2009


We answer: They want this.

(Thanks to Bruce)


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Good website link.

Some people ask why, some people ask why not, and then there are the people to ask someone to hold their beer while they recreate Moses and the Burning Bush.

The black smoke at :50 is the guy's hair.

Now I understand why we have war. I used to think it was the territory/resource/religion thing.

On second thought . . .

My (ex)husband and my current husband are FORBIDDEN(!!!) to tell my boys ANY stories from their respective childhoods, because everything they did that used to be considered "fun" is now illegal, would get the boys expelled from school, or would cause child protective services to visit me repeatedly.

I, on the other hand, did teach both my boys to ride motorcycles/dirt bikes - but made 'em wear helmets and stuff. Sigh. Life used to be a lot more fun.

The demented giggling was a bit disturbing, but Anne Richards' other-worldly cackling during her speech at the 1988 convention gave me nightmares for months.

Calling Dr. Darwin! I WANT one of those flame-throwers.
Seriously, this reminds me of an incident in my teen years that resulted in my losing all hair in a direct line from my outstretched left hand. But that's another story.

Could have been better; they could have blown that TV up!

Why do men like to blow things up? We ladies are usually trying to figure out how to keep things from blowing up.

NOW, THEY KNOW HOW TO HAVE FUN!!!! Yes I'm shouting, I want to blow something up.

Only a pansy would choose sex. Unless somehow explosives were the grand finale to the sex.

Beavis and Butthead?

Many years ago, now that the statute of limitations has expired, I attempted to ignite a full case of sparklers with a road flare for the grand finale of my July 4th celebration.

Needless to say, it worked. But the resultant heat flash instantly removed the hair from both arms, and part of an eyebrow.


Good times, good times.

explosives? *evil grin*
men o' the blog: sign me up!

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