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August 26, 2009


Man leaps into river to escape wife's nagging

(Thanks to many people)


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Well she promised to kick the habit so he'll be okay . . .

I'm a woman and I don't believe she'll quit nagging him. Maybe he should invest in a good pair of earplugs.

The worst part of this recession is that I've lost half my life's savings and I still have my wife.

My wife's grandfather just used to say, "Yes, Dear." Then he'd turn off his hearing aid.

I just love a happy ending.

One way or the other she was going to make him crawl.

Well, that's just great. Now, once he's pulled from the river, she's gonna have to get him a towel to dry him off, wash his clothes, dry them, iron them, put them away, did he consider for one single moment that cost of his rescue? No? I'm not surprised, always thinking only of himself, if he would stop for just one moment and THINK before acting, he would realize HE'S NOT THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD, there are people much more needy needing rescuing, he is just selfish, that's all, SELFISH. Only thinking of himself. I bet he doesn't put the toilet seat down when he's done either. That's it, I'm sick of it, I'm just washing my hands, don't expect me to give him any more advice, uh uh, no way, I'm done, I'm just washing my hands of the whole mess, he thinks he knows better, well jump in the stupid river genius, just show us allllll how smart you are...

Like I said, I'm a woman and casey is making me think about jumping into a river. Although every thing you said was true.

They thought he had an ear injury. Har.

Huh. How come it worked for him but not for me?

True story - Oprah interviewed a prostitute from a legal brothel in Reno. The craziest request the prostitute ever had was from a man who was the only unmarried man at his job. He actually paid her to nag him through dinner, nag him back in bed at the brothel and NOT have sex with him, so he could empathize with his married co-workers.

MerriLee: I can get that for free.

Lol meanie and casey.

Just in caxe, the ferry crew should fit her with ankle weights, on the return journey.

She b!#ched so much,
she drove me nuts
and I can still hear her complain.

(She's buried right in my backyard.)

He should take a lesson from John Prine ("The Other Side of Town", from _Fair and Square_):

My body's in this room with you just catching hell
While my soul is drinking beer down the road a spell
You might think I'm listening to your grocery list
But I'm leaning on the jukebox and I'm about half ... way there

A clown puts his makeup on upside down
So he wears a smile even when he wears a frown
You might think I'm here when you put me down
But actually I'm on the other side of town.

I'm sittin' on a chair just behind my ear
Playing dominoes and drinking some ice cold beer
When you get done talking I'll come back downstairs
And assume the body of the person you presume who cares

He needs a basement.

*snork* @ casey!!

They were reunited the next morning...and then he jumped again.

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