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August 31, 2009


Huh. Apparently it was, but nobody told the police.

(Thanks to nursecindy) 


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"Responding to her complaints," eh?

Battle of the Ova!

But you can still soap windows, right?

When egg-throwing is outlawed, only outlaws will have eggs.

Oh come on--it's just the usual teenage hijinx. Except they're not teenagers and they have guns and uniforms.

It sounds like it was a standing ovation.

Key police officer name we're not making fun of but which might have made her easy to catch: Jennifer Cackler

They should have used butter.

Next time she'll stay off his damn lawn!

Does 'Happy Dance' for getting posted twice! Wonder who he called to complain to when they were egging his house?

" Cackler " ? I'll bet those cacklers weren't throwing their own eggs.

Man. Next thing you know the coppers will be out there with toilet paper.

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