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August 31, 2009


The 75,000-square-foot building is called dXdiGidteGelalftX, a Lushootseed word that refers to a place where people are trained in both spiritual and practical matters, tribal spokeswoman Mytyl Hernandez said.

(Thanks to B'game)


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"The dXdiGidteGelalftX building? Just down past the dYdiGidteGelalftY building. Ya can't miss it."

Try saying that 3 times fast!

Huh? Like WTFBBQ?

Can I get an English translation, please?

Where are all the bloggettes this morning? Late night?

I suspect after they've named the building with all the expensive signs and all, some other tribal elder will come by and ask, "Why did you name this building 'Call it whatever the hell you want?'"

I guess I can cross Lushootseed off the list as a potential second language.

All this attention to the environment... Where's the parking lot?


I'm thinking even Babelfish wouldn't be much help in deciphering that...

Dave, have you, yourself, violated your own strict blog policy here? I mean, "Mytyl Hernandez" just begs the question...

oh, and nursecindy, regarding "Lushootseed" as a second language? There's an app for that... Siouxie told me...

Yo: Una mas cerveza, por fa vor!
Siouxie: No mas cerveza, borachon!!

(Did I even come close, Sioux???)

Here's the pronunciation guide. Many Tulalips just call it the Administration Building since the U.S. Government did its best to wipe out thelanguage.
Here's a picture.
With all the glottal sounds, Salish sounds something like Klingon.

oh, and frodolives: There actually is an app for that; several, in fact.

I can't believe no one's made a "Tiptoe through the Tulalips" joke yet.

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