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August 30, 2009


Suicidal Cows

(Thanks to DavCat and israel)


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I think that with this post, there are more WBAGNFARB posts than actual real bands in existence.

Holy cow!


Did they have lots of piercings and tattoos? Oh, wait. That's the Suicide Girls.

Police suspicions were aroused when a Chik-Fil-A wrapper was found near the scene. Was this anywhere near Hamburg? Hey PETA, would it be OK if we eat these?

OK, I'll stop, now.

And this is funny?

Ah, Lauterbrunnen! A very scenic area.

Not much to do except farming and catering to the tourist trade, though, so it's probably a cow-tipping prank gone wrong.

We're gonna need a bigger grill.

I guess you can only stand so much yodeling.

I'd check the local theater and see if any Pauley Shore movies are playing.

Geezer recall:
I spent my first nine years growing up in California. My father is one of the best story tellers I know. He loved spoofing my sister and me when we were little.

When we were driving past a hill that had paths or trails winding around it, we asked him what those were. He gave us this answer:

California cows are right-handed and left-handed. Each farmer has to choose which ones he wants to raise and they cannot be combined. Right-handed cows had right legs that were longer than their left. Each morning when the farmer let them out to pasture on the hill, they would spend the day advancing around the path until they got to the top. Because the right side's legs were longer, they put their left legs on the path to keep them level. But they could not climb back down to the barn by themselves or they would fall off the hill ... you wouldn't expect them to back up to go down the hill (have you ever seen a herd of cows walking backward?). So the farmer had to drive a trailer up to the top of the hill every night to collect his cows and milk them before putting them to bed.

I love my dad. :)

Who was playing old Yoko Ono songs???

This is not a funny comment; I want to make it anyway. Driving herd animals off a cliff is one of the oldest methods of hunting. Someone or something is driving them off that cliff. I have a thought. Is there some Swiss government regulation against slaughtering cows? Or maybe paying farmers for cows that are accidentally killed. Chinese villagers used to drive their own cattle off cliffs when they needed meat for a wedding or something, because the government would not let them slaughter them on purpose.

South Park. That's all, South Park.

Big mystery. You spend your life getting milked, and then you get eaten. What's to live for?

Flip those burgers.



They committed Hari-Cowri?

Someone steered them wrong.




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