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August 29, 2009


Give it up for the percussion tractor.

(Thanks to bamadano)


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wonder what that tractor would fetch in cash for clunkers?

Now I know why they call a guy who hangs out with musicians a "drummer."

When do we get to the solo?

This is kind of a dream come true. It appears that I'm the only lady on the blog right now.

I really like this. The sound of an old tractor or old airplane sound like no other. My almost three yr old nephew can tell you upon sight which tractor will pop/pop/pop. His 17 yr old cousin could do it at the same age. Grandads are great that way.

The tractor on " Innagoddadavita " was a lot better.

The Harlem Globetrotters would be proud!

Not bad, but they need another tractor to play bass.

geezer alert

I remember the Globe's, back in the day with Meadowlark Lemon being barely grazed by one of the Senators, falling to the floor and grasping his head, screaming and writhing "in pain." The ref would go up to him asking what was wrong, Meadowlark is grasping his head, his arms, his chest... the ref would ask again, "What's wrong?" Meadowlark would yell out, "It's my LEEEEGGGG!!!!!" Ref calls time out, Meadow would jump up, grab the ball at half-court, say, "Time back in!" and sink it ("nothin' but net!!") from half-court!!! Fun stuff!!

Ha Ha, that Lemon guy sounds like a real riot. Wikipedia says he still plays, but at 67 years old, I can't fault him for his leg actually hurting.

Ahhh, Elon, what you've missed... Globetrotters are still on the list for a "date night" because they're entertaining as you can ask for, but when they had Meadowlark, Curly, and the rest, it was pure poetry in motion!!!!

Steve, don't you mean the silo?

It had to be said...

I'd be realy impressed if it could do a good paradiddle.

Heavy Metal, Techno, Industrial, now Agricultural? What about some Aquacultural? Country Joe & The Fish!

Plus, recipes requiring neither fish nor fowl. OK, foul.

Like most drummers, you have to give it at least a quart of firewater before it will play.

Tractor that rocks.. :-)


I too saw Meadowlark & the Globetrotters (though probably 30+ years ago). Great stuff.

*warms up geezer bus*

Love this.

Fess up, you watched it more than once, didn't you? :-P

Good beat. You can dance to it. Geezer Alert alarm is going off.

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