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August 28, 2009




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This one might be fake. The squirrel doesn't look "perky" enough to be on the news.

Has Limbaugh lost weight?

Dave, you would be summa cum laude in my Photoshop class. Won't say what the laude is for, however.

The squirrel is expressing his right to arm a bear.

Score for the Mot!

Good one Mot. Now I'm afraid that not only the squirrel is going to keep showing up in pictures but he's going to be joined by the bear also. When will the madness end!!!!!

If the cutout was to scale, they got some wimpy black bears in Cleveland!!! That was about the size of a juvie brown bear in Colorado! An adult black out here is about twice that size, but maybe the flunkie reporter they had prancing it through the woods couldn't handle the full size cutout...

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