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August 28, 2009


Now they want to take away our right to get naked in museums.


(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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A squirrelotum?

he needs some better manscaping, IYKWIM, AITYD.

That is also illegal in most states.

Thank goodness for discreetly placed squirrels.

For those who are not made of marble, if your name is "David" you should check out "Famous Dave's BBQ" to see the special on Sunday.

Paging Richard Gere!

Breaking Hyman News!

discreetly placed squirrels


No Hyman was busted?

Jeff ... did you want to tell us how you found this ? ;-)

I've heard of the "Angry Beavers", but this is new to me. Anybody... Bueller ?

How'd I find the naked woman video?

Just good investigative technique.

and I like it....

Actually, she was all over the local news (so to speak) for a couple of days, though they had a stupid need to keep blurring the interesting bits her naked dance.

Shoddy journalism. I NEED to see the facts

Hasselblad 500 C/M film camera taking 10 shots in 30 seconds takes a lot of cajones. It advances with a manual crank.

I sure hope there wasn't a group of third graders at the MoMA with or without cameras.

I hate to do this Dr. but *SMACKS* Jazzzz back into reality. Besides as a physician you get to see naked folks all the time. I'm more upset about the squirrel blocking the interesting parts of Michelangelo's David. Now that's a work of art.

A bit o/t, but I don't think judi will post this, and you know you want it:

LOL Marvin. I need to learn me some Photoshop!

Darn squirrel in the way!

um, i've got this statue in my office - a small version - with a mini-post-it note covering the squirrel area, which says "GET BACK TO WORK."

Mullet Squirrel is pretty awesome.

What you're missing.

There's a teenage boy in the video who has got to be thinking he's the luckiest boy in the country right now...Timing is everything!

wait till the squirrel learns david has marble nuts...

I don't believe it insomniac. Let me see.

btw, here is a part of the statue you can't see on that picture.

If you rub the squirrel, does it grow into a bear?

GlaxoKlineWellcome announces the introduction of its newest product -- Squirrellagra!

If your tail remains bushy for more than four hours, call your vetrinarian.

I'm waiting for the change in David's expression when the squirrel starts hoarding for winter.

He's a bit overdue for a waxing, eh?

Nice tail, David.

Why did I KNOW, before I even scrolled down, what I was going to see? (or not see actually)

*snork* at judi's 2:22 "squirrel area".

(no, I'm not suckin' up)

...but there are a lot of squirrely actions initiated from that area.

I like that hairy little fellow. Wait, does that sound gay?

Shoddy journalism... the cameraman had his thumbprint on the lens.

Yes, Mitch, it does.

Of course, we've sin and could determine shame, that's why we wear body coverings... Nude is not allowed in public...



I am sure PITA will have something to say about this.

I blame this blog for all of my sexually perverse dreams.

That's the story I told my shrink and I'm stickin' to it!

Glad we could help Punkin.

So, how does that make you feel, Punkin?

BFF? so we can use the blog (not The Blog) as an excuse now??


define perverse...

define perverse...

doing unmentionable things with shepherds, sheep, statues, sculptors, unnaturally large man parts, naked Biblical patriarchs, Jews, kings, squirrels, all of the above singly or at once? Did I miss anything Punkin?

CG.... anything involving a bath tub, guacamole dip, and a bisexual ostrich (NTTATWWT)

don't forget the feathers, roller blades and baby oil...

Oh yeah, thanks sweet Siouxie ;-)

smoooooooch, Jazzzzzzito! ;-)

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