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August 05, 2009


Spider eats bird

Yikes spider 

(Thanks to Ralph K. and DavCat, who have now gotten me fired again. At least this version has additional photos.)


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pssst, judi, not to pick nits or anything... this was blogged about 8 months ago. quick, delete it before 'someone' get fired.

shhhhhhhhhhhhhh random!

I certainly don't remember seeing this before.

AAAAHHHHHHH!!! Run away, run away!!

The Australian Reptile Zoo has a "head spider keeper"?

There's some job security for you.

I think it was worth repeating. I believe it was done as a public service announcement in case some of our older bloggers have forgotten that spiders can eat your birds. I appreciate it.

We're going to need a bigger can of Raid....

Much bigger....

And a turkey baster...

That thing looks like the first Alien.

Which was probably the best suspense horror movie of all time.

Oh sure, when I submit something that has already been used, THEN Judi remembers.

Reason #2,347 NOT to go to Australia.

And thanks to sjhaller. At least thats what y'all said last time. Since MtB has referenced the old link, I won't repeat it here.

Once again, there's nothing to see here. I play with the American cousin of this spider, Nephila clavipes, TRYING to fool them into thinking I'm prey (they're functionally blind). Only one has been dumb enough to try and bite me. She missed by inches.
They tickle when they crawl across bare skin. It feels like the shivers most of the bloggers got when they just read that.

a haiku:

testicles risen
seeking shelter, aquiver
big effing spider


telephoto lens
must have been a big one too
to prevent sh1t stains

one more:

nightmare arachnid
weaves snares and induces
the sleep of the damned

I had to chase that dang spider out of my Cairns hotel room once. Looks like he's fared well since.

*scratches sleep off the list for tonight*

Nicely done, mud.

So much for my lunch.

another reason not to go to Australia.

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