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August 31, 2009


Miss Plastic Surgery

(Thanks to catmanmax)


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La Leche League chapter.


"A LUCKY panel of doctors have been selected to judge a beauty contest with a difference — only women with FAKE boobs can take part."

And how exactly does this differ from the other beauty contests...?

BTW, from the side stories it looks like The Sun has dropped any pretense and now has an actual "Breast Section" in the paper.

Now that's more like it!

*checks out tickets to Hungary for finals*

5 point question: In what major French city will the contest be held ?

Brazaville -- but that's in the Congo.

Eh, I guess I'm just not a fan. The fake ones never look quite right to me and I'm going to assume they don't feel the same, either. Call me a rampart snob...

All the guys who had a look at Page 3, go sit in the corner.

(sitting in the corner)

Do the doctors who performed the surgery or their respective hospitals receive any advertising consideration? You know, like a discreetly placed brought-to-you byline or something?

How many blog guys are disappointed there weren't more pictures? Mitch, maybe the doctors sign their work.

Send more tats, stat!

I just can't get a feel for this competition.

I've never been able to understand breast augmentation. To me, enthusiasm has always counted for much more than bra size. Who cares for a 42DD if it's on an ice cube?

The one way to save newspapers in the US. Would Mrs. Blog let Dave edit the Herald breast page? The Herald Boob Hunt. Much frivolity. I have set[sat?] in the corner so many times. The Sun is on Drudge's newspaper list.

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