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August 01, 2009


We have strict policies against this sort of thing.

(Thanks anyway to frodolives)


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What, exactly, is wrong with parents? I always hope that, maybe, this was not the birth name. Is it possible that the mother remarried and took the new husband's last name for her children?
In any case, these parents deserve a crappy nursing home.

Why would they go with the middle name "Henry", when "Harry" was the obvious choice?

His wife, Carol, was overheard saying, "He's a great man, I'm satisfied."

random's thinking (heh!) what I'm thinking...she's a happy camper.

He's renowned as a long-ball hitter...

They usually include his nickname, which makes him Dick "Foul" Pole.

Dick Hank Pole. As a pitcher, he was accused of sticking it in the batter's ear.

why do parents do this??? or maybe, he was called richie. i doubt it. and children can be sooo cru-el.
move, change your name, and disappear.

His father's name was Peter, and parents who were abused, are likely to be abusers...

I wonder how often he gets to home plate, IYCMD and IKYD.

I put his name into the Snickers Snacklish translator and it turned it into Richowed Pole

He looks like he corks-the-bat, NTTAWWT

I went to school with his sister May.

One fast motorboat.

As a proud Dick, I would like to express my disgust and outrage at this cheap joke at the expense of Mr. Dick Pole. Although I’m English and don’t understand a thing about ‘pitching’ (it means something else over here and I could never see the need to have a coach to teach something that comes so naturally do boys of a certain age), I’m certain that Dick Pole is good at his job and that his friends and family would stand firmly beside Dick to show the world a united front against such blatant Dickism.

How would you feel if we mocked your name? Here in North London, it’s the highest insult to call somebody a ‘Dav’, but would I call you Dav Barry? No, of course I wouldn’t! It would only cause undue hurt to an American. I wish people were equally sensitive to Dicks. People laugh at us Dicks all the time, such as Mr. Dick Spring, the former Irish politician who had to suffer years of sniggering at his name. I fondly remember Dr. Dick Shaft, a director of British Petroleum, or my good friend, Mr. Dick Drop, head of regional programming at BBC Cumbria.

Like all these Dicks, I too have been mocked because of my name. I didn’t expect if from your normally excellent blog. Rather, I would have expected somebody with such a high profile position to stand up against the rampant scoffing of Dicks.

Ought to be glad his last name isn't HEAD.

hah! Who says Brits have no humour humor???

His Iberian cousin's name is Ricardo Cabeza.

My husband's mother's name is Ball (yes, from England). His uncle's name is Harold and his cousin's name is Richard.

I almost started laughing when we were first introduced. To this day, I cannot call them by their nicknames...

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