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August 27, 2009


Alpine farmers furious over marmot plague

(Thanks to DavCat)



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Are they eating smores?

It's not a plague - it's a jamboree.

Marmots are the Bubba's of the squirrel world.

But don't these realize Marmot Plague WBAGNFARB and a Stephen Baldwin movie?

For some reason, that picture reminds me of the scene from The Sound of Music.

(...flashbacks from the '70s, I guess...)

Is it me or does #4 have testicules for a jaw?


"Nice marmot, Dude"


Excellent Big Lebowski quote, Dude.

Siouxie...ya mean like when Butters was "Boy with Balls on Chin"?

When life gives you marmots, make marmotlade.

And fuzzy slippers.

F -it.... let's go bowling

Exactly, Brian! fuzzy balls!

Shut the f... up, Donny!

Nice marmot.

"Screw Germany. Let's get toasted and crash that ferret party in Ohio. Then let's find that stupid Squirrelizer and kick his ass."

Okay, Annie...you were the first to mention Germany, so now I'll go ahead and say it:

Any time a German says, "There are simply too many!", I get nervous.

Are they eating cookies or toast? I agree with one of the posters on that article. Quit feeding them breakfast and maybe they'll move along. btw Jeff, who's Donny and why do you want him to shut up? Just curious.

Key names: Gottfried Mayrock and Marmota marmotini

So if the Germans are so furious about the marmot scourge why are they feeding them graham crackers?


Any word on the French?

Well, the French surrendered to the Marmots, and the Italians immediately declared war on the French.

cindy, it's a quote from The Big Lebowski.

Thanks Jeff. I usually just watch 'chick flicks' so I haven't seen that one. I also have a confession. I cheated on the blog. I was just at another blog ripping into some PETA supporters. I told them to quit eating so many baloney sandwiches because I thought they were full. I also told them I know a lot of chunky vegetarians since their arguement was if you eat vegetarian you will be skinny. Last time I checked cookies are vegetarian. I'm so ashamed.

Marmot, eh? Sounds French, to me.

So that's where Marmite comes from!

Marmot said there'd be days like this....

Brian does this remind you of the Sound of Music?

It was inevitable.


♫"The Hills are aliiiive...
...with the sound of rooooodents...!"♫

Bravo Brian!

All this reminds me of those pictures from the South years ago where one fountain was labeled " Squirrels " and the other was labeled " Marmots " .

I think that this is much more realistic.

LOL Brilliant, Brian!!

I am furious bellow.

Brian, that's beautiful.

Brian, I don't want it to stop anymore.

Mein Herz vill be Blesschxt
Mitzi Klang der Muzacks
Und Ich'll zzzzzing vunce mooooooar ...

Dances, you would definitely get a B+ in my Photoshop class.

Thanks, Tash! Better than I deserve, really, since I was going for a truly cheesy look but without actually doing any real work. (The blue crosshairs in the original were trouble enough all by themselves.)

I thought about replacing the S'mores with harmonicas, but the danger passed quickly.

I had a marmotini once. It was almost as good as the hair of the dog that bit ya.


Dances...5 geezer points for I am furious...

Thanks, Betsy! Apparently there aren't too many of us geezers around who remember naughty movies with Obfuscation In Their Titles, which WBAGNFANoWaveB. I'll never eat S'mores in these Alps again.

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