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August 31, 2009



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"Outside of the higher elevations in the Green Mountains and Northeast Kingdom, . . ."

Vermont has a kingdom? Who's the king?

(someone post a squirrel with a crown)

As Granny Clampett would say, "squirrels are good eatin'."

You'll all be sorry when they've been hunted to near extinction.

sqirrels IS good eatin'... wait. i've never et em. dont wanna. feh.
but i shore would love to kill the little bastids. maybe hang em on the utility wires like an old pr of sneakers.

Spoken like a true New Yorker, queensbee.

Tree rats, if you ask me....

Squirrel season opens Tuesday? Maybe I should get my little plastic squirrel out of the flower bed. I will admit that I have seen Brunswick stew made with squirrel. I did not eat it.

Saw an article written by an outdoorsman who said growing up, breakfast sometimes would include a bowl of fried squirrel heads. Said his dad would crack them open with the back of a knife and smear the brains on his eggs.

Good times.

Squirrel BE good eatin'. I used to hunt them all the time in East Texas, but the police frown on the practice in the big city. The meat is excellent. My dad used to eat the brains, but I never could.

Nothing wrong with squirrel; I grew up in the Ozarks, and as a child hunted and "et" plenty of them.

Fried squirrel with fried potatoes and squirrel gravy...mmmmm.

Although this is the first time I've heard of "fried squirrel heads" and cracking them open to get the brains. We always discarded the heads and brains with the rest of the offal; for that matter, when hunting we always aimed for the head where possible so as to avoid damage to the edible bits.

My grandparents also had recipes for such critters as raccoon (which I've had) crawdads (blecch) and groundhog (which I've luckily missed out on).

My brother-in-law used to hunt squirrels with a shotgun because he said they could out-run a .22. He said you just had to be careful when eating them to spit out the shot.
'course, I never found out. There's a heap of difference between hunting and bagging.

Be sure to watch POV's "Nutkin's Last Stand" on PBS. (Check program listings for broadcasts in your area.) or watch online, and get Famous Wild Boar Hotel's Chef Marc Sanders' recipe for poached squirrel roll.

Julia Child would be impressed.

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