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August 31, 2009


(Thanks - though we are shocked he was browsing this site - to CJrun)


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That is something, wow!
'Charity', what kind of a name is that?

"Beaver works with a lot of girls . . ."

Hmmm. Egg-throwing lesbian cops; working girl beavers . . . I'm sensing a theme to today's postings.


Just a typical wholesome Texas girl.

Now dats what I call welfare!!

She's not slutty, she's doing it for a good cause.

Well judi, I have had my run-ins with Charity Beaver, so I keep my eye out.

(ducks hot skillet flung from kitchen)

I'm sure that's her real name. Either than or Anita Mann.

"I'm a wino." Cannot ask for more than that.

Exactly what was CJ looking for when found sweet Charity? I mean, what would one type into a Google search find this particular page? And does CG know?

This is for crossgirl. *SMACKS* CJ. She would do the same for me. Maybe we should give CJ a break. Perhaps yesterday when he was dancing naked on his lawnmower he started thinking about how he hadn't donated to charity lately. Maybe he was having pure thoughts.

*packing bags for Dallas*...

Oh. The D is for Dallas?

Depends on who you ask, it's all relative

D is for grade point average, or Duh, or cup size.

Hello, Texas.

If Charity Beaver swallowed a bunch of magnets, imagine how perky she'd be...now THAT'S a story!

Charity Beaver: I gave at the orifice.

Again with the cruel mockery of a name. She loves cheeseboards and that's all that matters to me.

An experienced Beaver is training cheerleaders? I'll be back after I find some pictures of this...

"No, I'm not married. Why buy the cow when I could have Charity Beaver?"

At my age, Charity Beaver is the only kind I get.

I live in Dallas and have decided to work less and avail myself of more Charity Beaver.

Let's have a big round of applause for Beav ... um, never mind.

Wasn't that a line in "A Streetcar Named Desire"

"I have always depended on the charity of beavers"

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