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August 27, 2009


According a Lake County Sheriff's Office report, Bart Sutherin flew his 14-year-old son, Joseph, to his first day of classes at East Ridge High School in a blue-and-white helicopter this week....

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Sutherin told officials that he wanted to "make a positive impression on the other students" on his son's first day of ninth grade.

(Thanks to nursecindy and Dorakay)


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Nothing says "target" like prop-washed hair.


Did they make you file a flight plan when you went to Rob's school in the wienermobile?

Talk about making a positive impression on the other students.

I thought about Dave's son going to school in the Weiner Mobile when I saw this. If I remember correctly Dave was more excited about it than Rob. I think going to school in a helicopter would be very cool. My Dad was an Air Force pilot and he NEVER did anything cool like this for me.

Hint to Dad; he'd really rather you swoop in and pick him up when he cuts Spanish.

Dad might as well arrange for at-home schooling for the rest of the kid's student-life. He is doomed.

Asked my friend's 15 year old what he though of this - "douche" was all he said.

Does this man have no idea what constitutes cool? If he wanted the fruits of his loins to attain first-day cool he should have sent him to school on a skateboard, unshowered for a week, in ratty-ass clothes, with a wad $100 bills in his pocket. That would be the epitome of cool.

when they saw the helicopter, how many teachers had a 'red dawn' flashback?

(go wolverines?)

(5 years on the blog today)

Happy Anniversary Insomniac!

insom, the important First Step is admitting it. There are more steps. I think, at some point, you have to accept a higher power; I suggest you consider my World Champion Jaguars, whom happen to be playing the Philadelphia Chickens tonight.

I grew up in a fairly snooty school district in San Antonio, and we had a kid who was chauffeured to high school in a Rolls Royce. He was a pretty weird kid, actually.

And Happy Anniversary, insom! This blog wouldn't be the same without you!

Geez, you remember the first day you were on this blog, insom'?
I'm such a foggy geezer that I can't remember. Or I've successfully forgotten.
Go Mister Snail

Happy Anniversary Insom! My first night posting on here was for the first episode of "24", season 6. Sadly, I can't remember much more about it than somebody had a fascination with the "Carne Asada lions" from Taco Bell. Oh, and of course everbody welcoming me into the group. :)

That big, scary bouncing weather balloon always chased me to school.

My World Champion Jacksonville Jaguars are making like the litter box over the lowly Philadelphia Budgies, relying heavily on their trick, advancing fumbles for a score, special plays. They have run their muffed lateral back for a 92 yard TD play (one of my favorites), plus their player-knocked-out-on-the ground super secret play. I really thought they were going to save the latter for the regular season. We are an offensive powerhouse and the Canaries might as well just get back in their coal mine.

My first first day of school (kindergarten) I sat next to a very cute boy on the bus - and threw up all over him.

I had to spend the next 12 years ducking behind walls every time I saw him in the halls.

At the 25th Reunion, he told me he had always had a crush on me - but I played "hard to get".

*sigh* Can I have a do-over????

random has it right, with the exception of missing handing out drugs to his teachers classmates.

Otherwise, I think MOTW hit it on the head up there.

I'm so old I don't even remember the first time, but like insomniac I've been here since before the beginning.

Happy Anniversary.

I think he misunderstood the term "helicopter parents"...

When I was 14 I don't recall wishing to draw attention to the fact that I even had parents much less that they might still transport me to school.

Is CJ speaking in tongues or is that football talk? Punkin just remember how happy you are with your sweetie now.

The chopper blades swirl as will the boy's head.

Was he playing "Ride of the Valkyries"? Now THAT woulda been KEWL. And then some NAPALM!!! AWSUM!!! And then a little surfing.

Here's the field manual for that.

I was once ridden to 6th grade in the "Lark Truck", L&M's advertising vehicle. While camera people rolled film from the back, and the large PA system played the latest jingle from the cigarette company (
"Have a Lark, Have a Lark, Have a Lark today...", I ws driven into my elementary school's parking lot. But then again, attempting to peddle tobacco products to 6th graders probably wasn't a smooth corporate move....

The very next summer, I passed out water, salt pills and small packages of cigarettes to tens of thousands at the "Cal Jam" rock concert in Ontario, Cal. Only one person told me "I can't take these, I'm underage". I laughed as I told him "I'm 13, and I don't care...."

Ah, youth!

*takes PB's arm and helps him onto the Geezer bus, careful to not let him fall and brake his hip*

My first day of 1st grade my mother sent me to school in plaid purple pants. Of course it was the late 60's so I looked pretty cool. Any more room on the bus?

CJrun --
Be sure to cheer for Pete Ittersagen (#40). Good kid, good family. I make sure not to do anything that would corrupt him.

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