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August 10, 2009


(Thanks to Bryan Miller)


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Hey!!! over here!!! plenty of laundry to do at this house!!!

Just finished mine, beckster.

Isn't Carmel near Armonk? Just asking.

Did he make bail in quarters?

Did he bring his own soap?

If he had done mine also I probably wouldn't have pressed charges.

On the positive side, he was assigned a job in the jail laundry.

"Honey, we're out of laundry detergent AGAIN!"

Wix-on, wix-off.

Charges were pressed, along with his shirts.

My wife wanted to buy a condo with no washer or dryer. I warned her about the consequences. We were fortunate that she saw the light or we could have been doing the prison laundry, too.

That would certainly agitate me. But I'm sure we could iron it out in the end.

You know what they say partner, don't bend over if you drop the fabric softener.

Guy must've been drunk. You know, three sheets to the wind . . .

He asserts a religious defense. He was trying to get next to godliness.

This should be included in the 10 crazy ways to save cash during the recession! Who needs Laundromats when you have neighbors like these?

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