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August 30, 2009



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It makes it so much easier on the EMT's when the bodies walk into the coroner's office for autopsy.

With all of the budget cuts in Calif., victims are required to help so that a minimum number of public employees are needed.

With all of the budget cuts in Calif., victims are required to help so that a minimum number of public employees are needed.

Those uppers he took after he died really work!

Of course he's alive, people. He's staying with Elvis.

Yup, Siou, here we go!

Slinks in®

I know. That was bad.

I checked the license plate number and it looks like the King of Pop is jumping out of the same van, his dead body has been in. I got the original video tape from a trustworthy source. I know him for years. And I am sure it´s real and Michael is alive.

Hey, that's good enough for me. No date, no face shot, just a generic 'person' with a long wig, but this clown is 'sure' it is real.

Hey, I totally believe that everything on the internet is true. Even the stuff that contradicts the other stuff. : ) Why would someone lie on the internet? Really, that's just crazy talk.

Seeing is believing, but I'm not buying any of it until I read about it in the Weekly World News.

michael jackson died?

Amazing...after all this time, Dave has only posted 5 videos.

A coworker told me about this and believed it. I replied, "Yeah, he's living with Elvis behind a donut shop in Dahlonega, Georgia."

She thought I was serious. So if you hear that rumor, it must also be true, because I said it.

So you guys are saying Elvis supposedly died too. When did this happen? I need to get out more

you and i may not be smart
believe in things that morons start
just call mike's name...
he'll still be dead!

(too soon?)

*snork* @ isom

O/T Are any of you one of those, uhhhh, "talented" girls that "was just looking for me" on FaceBook ?
back on/T

Meh. I'd believe it if he had stepped out of the van backwards and Moon-walked through the door.

Meanwhile, I have just proven to myself an important fact; after enough beers, and with an all-afternoon, commercial-free jam on a rock radio station, you actually can stand up and boogie on a riding lawn mower, while still mowing. At least on the straighter segments and gemtle curves. Watch out for roots, though, or you may spill your beer.

I remember all those Elvis Sightings, living in Memphis the years after he died.

Kings of Pop always die; because of Bad Docs, who give them what they want.

Now, on You Tube, I suppose we'll be seeing Ted Kennedy up walking in Arlington with his brothers.....


Now, seeing Teddy moonwalk would be believable

One of the best "Are they dead?" productions ever: Stephen King's Nightmares and Dreamscapes (You Know They Got a Hell of a Band.)

*channelling crossgirl*

CJ, no!

Grabs first aid kit and cell phone for calling 911 in case CJ does it anyway.

Oh, I already did it, for quite some time. Wimin just don't understand lawn mowing. This yard is so dang big, it took me 4 hours, on a riding mower, to do @ half, and that's given that I did the area closest to the house only Thursday (yes, I did that again today, standing up and dancing).

Sitting around in the air conditioning holds no attraction, for me; in just a few months, that will become sitting around in the heat. The grass doesn't grow in the winter, so this is the only time of year you can stand on a riding mower and jam out in the blazing Sun.

For the sake of the neighbors, maybe next time I will wear clothes.

CJ while you're sitting around this winter you could take up a hobby. Scrap booking or something.

don't worry nursecindy... it will be pointy ball season, he won't emerge again until February.

Well I thought it was fake, too. But then I heard that realistic sounding heavy breathing as Jackson walked out of the van. Now, I don't know what to think.

If people keep downloading stuff like this, the internet will have a serious problem.

Sorry, can't read any more posts for a couple of days, because I'm uploading everything.

Well.. I have to say... That DID kind of look like a tall chimpanzee, so maybe they're right.

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