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August 28, 2009


(Thanks to Mike Ester)


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The test-taker immediately filed a lawsuit claiming discrimination against people who failed the test by crashing into DMVs.

This would-be driver is dumv.

They ended up passing the student because (wait for it. . .)
they were grading on a curb.

Since the person drove through the "End of test" area, wouldn't ramming the building be considered extra credit?

"OK well you came to a complete stop at the stop sign, checked your mirrors, parallel parked... Looks like you are ready for your license! Just pull in here and park"

I used to work for that newspaper, and I got my first driver's license in that very building. Things have gone downhill since I left -- back then we had parking brakes, for example.

The long lines make me want to drive my car into the building as well.

I failed my first driving test when I was 16 by running a stop sign in front of the DMV. Fortunately there were no buildings involved. After reading the comments about driving in Florida, particularly Miami, I've decided that when I visit there I'm just going to take a cab. I think it would be safer.

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