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August 28, 2009


.....whoever did this would be dead.


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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"Aye, Keptin. He's barkin' lick a Chrrrrestmus Trrrree, but I doan know wit ta dew!"

"Cap'n, I've givin' ya all she's got!"
"You're not a Scotty."
"You're not a captain, either."

Set phaser on P****ed

It's really amazing what dogs will put up with from their best friends. Good thing for us, huh?

*locks bedroom door so dog can't kill me in my sleep*

Attention dog owners: We know you've considered similar humiliations for your pet

No. No we haven't.

Once (ONCE!!!) we made our black Cairn Terrier into part of my daughter's Halloween costume, butt we did NOT put a costume on the dog. And NO, his name was NOT Toto.


Judging from the logos on the nacelles, I suggest alcohol was involved. Now I'll read the story and report well-informed comments lager later.

Many years ago our daughter hair-gelled the head of our Springer Spaniel into a punk spike. The dog's expression was remarkable similar...

Klingon Commander: "Is that a new type of shuttlecraft coming out of the Enterprise's shuttlebay?"

"No, sir, I don't think so."

"Well, whatever it is, lock onto it and trasport it into our hold."

"Ummm, ok..."

They need to pay attention to the expiration date on their LSD.

Tosses up missing "n"

See Spock run. Run, Spock, run! ....before they put you in a Tribble costume.

"Damnit, Jim! I'm a dog, not a friggin' space ship!"

Poor little puppy. I was thinking about dressing my lab up for Halloween. I may rethink that idea. I did put a sweater on a chihuahua once. In my defense she looked cold!

I can't help but notice that they never choose to do this to pitbulls or Dobermen.

I'm pretty sure this is Allen at Divisions dog. NS I had not noticed that but you're right. I could just see a Dobermen dressed up in a tutu. Of course human body parts would be laying around him.

So between the group of people that are compulsive Trekkies, and the group of people that dress up little dogs in funny outfits, there is at least one person in both groups?

Without even looking at the article I bet the dog's name is "Tribble."

Or "Spock." I should have guessed "Spock."

Although after looking at the full size picture, I will give this person credit for incorporating beer cans into the warp drive.

You forgot the type of people who sew clothes for their ferrets.

What will they do with the spent dilithium crystals?
Anywyas, it's better than having a red shirt on!

Next: the "Star Trek" theme sung by St. Bernards.

Just so you're not cross dressing your dogs...unless they ask for it...NTTAWWT.

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