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August 05, 2009


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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I think he missed a spot.

How come when I tried to comment, stupid pypetad said "page not found"?

I mean, WTFBBQ?

Now that time it posted!

Anyway, gotta go get my car washed like that.

Really, we've had so much rain the last three months I haven't had to wash it once.

that qualifies as a touchless car wash, you pay extra for that.

good thing no one sat in the car like the regular boring car wash

Ok, our company's nanny.bot won't let me access it. Out of curiosity, what kind of porn will I need to explain to our security people this time?

Now dry it off in one of NASA's hypersonic wind tunnels and you're set.

*Joins Hammie in the Corner For The Sheltered*

*Waves @ Hammie*

*WAVES* @ Hammie!!

It's just some big ass digger rig dumping like a gagillion gallons of water on a car.

More fodder for the federal "Cash for Clunkers" program...

oh man,
how will he ever explain that to the wife?...."Honey, it seemed like a good idea at the time...and you WERE complaining all those dead bugs stuck under the windshield wipers..."

*about* all those dead bugs..."

coffee, more coffee....

*joins Hammie and mtb at the folding card table for kids*

OK, I searched for an image that might be the one posted.

Didn't find it, but I did get this.

Rhino I've seen that somewhere before . . .

Well it does have it's good points. The biggest one being you only have to do it once. Of course then you have that $500.00 water bill. I'll stick to the ole hose and bucket method thank you.

My work, also, is protecting me from this harmful site.
"Adult/Mature content"

Really?! Now I'll HAVE to see it when I get home...

Oh, I thought it was with scantily clad women with big breasteses at the car wash.

Allen's gonna be real disappointed when he gets home. No boobs in this one Allen.

Only the one who agreed to this, cindy ;-P

They should have kept the camera running - TOTALLY want to see what happens when the hot-wax cycle kicks in.

So true Siouxie.

I can't understand why this is blocked. It's just a larger version of what happens in sandboxes with Tonka toys and matchbox cars. Hey, do they still have those?

NS - our corporate nannybot blocks particular sites, not particular photographic content. It could be a picture of a fuzzy widdew kitten, but if it's located on a banned site - sorry! Conversely, it could be explicit content, but if it's from a non-blacklisted site - WOOHOO!!! it will unfortunately bypass the filter.

If you're blocked, try this. Or this. Or probably a dozen other places by now.

"Don't bother getting the car washed this week. I'll just throw a bucket of water on it at work."

I have bucket envy.

Well, the guys don't seem to be too disappointed with this one, Nursecindy, boobs or not.

Thanks, KJP. That worked.

i always wondered what an engine flush entailed.

Muchas danke, KJP.

They don't even have to vacuum the interior.

there were some boobies in an unrelated salacious group of pix. but before i read the article, i had entirely different idea of what it might say, guys being guys ...

Yep, I'm now in the same boat as MtB. "Streaming media" is blocked, period, probably for bandwith reasons. So alternate link worked but embedded video was blocked.

We've had rain like that in St. Augustine. It went sideways, though, so I'm not sure it counts.

Note to self: when using an excavator to wash the car, remember to set the parking brake.

Ohhhh, it's a topless car wash.

Now that the car is washed up, does it qualify as a clunker?

well THAT certainly got all the bird poop off!

It's blocked because its got ads for "adult friend finder". Who doesn't want to find friends as an adult!?

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