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August 27, 2009


We can fix that.

(Thanks to Petra)


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So cute when it's on the inside. Not so cute when it's my lab doing it in real life however.

At least it's not Barry Manilow licking the screen.

Thank you for that.

Curse you for mentioning that, Cheesewiz...

I love the way s/he keeps looking back as if afraid that someone will say stop.

*SMACKS* Cheeswiz. You had it coming for that mental picture which will haunt me all night.


*snork* That was unexpected!

That wasn't Barry Manilow... ?

Too cute!

MMM, love that new glass taste!

I can wipe it off with a squirrel.

There's an app, wait. Nevermind.

Just don't think about where ELSE that tongue has been.

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