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August 29, 2009


Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody...



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Nice belly button ring

judi, no link to an article that explains describes that picture???

um- uncaged?

And who's the green person the lizard is trying to get away from? Looks like a cross between "the Mummy", the green alien chick from Star Trek, and Nancy Pelosi... (I apologize if any of those are, in fact, redundancies...)

what, mr. olives, don't you have a huge yellow neck thing that comes out when you wanna mate?

here, maybe this will help explain it:

Rich insurance company spokesleezards who can't find Saturday night companionship get no sympathy from me.

miss judi, the huge yellow neck thing has been what's KEPT me from mating Thanks for the link so we know (not no) that this is a lizard's mating ritual...

He's about to do that old "Go ahead, pull my tail" practical joke again, isn't he?

Oh, and btw, judi, SNORKS! and sarcastic "Thanks!" for putting that song into my head... It will take days to rid myself of it!!

Oh, and for any of you "non-geezer types"...

Boys night out it is, then.

judi, I move that Horace be forever banned from this site. Do I hear any second?

*SMACKS* Horace repeatedly. Siouxie! Get the machete!

nursecindy, did you mean *SMACKS*???

Judi's link. *SMACKS* Horace again.

I like the woman holding the baseball bat in that video. I think that would work for Horace's digression.

nc, as a huge baseball fan, I was hoping to take that role, but if your prefer it, I will cede to you... I can be the woman with the pistol just as easily...

another saturday night and i
ain't got nobody
gotta pass my genes on, if it's not too late
won't please someone admire my throat sac
i'm in a rush to mate!

it's hard to be a reptile
if south florida's where you call home
so many things'll eat ya
my life's a double feature
of 'noah's ark' and 'thunderdome'!


my pick-up line needs some work
it shames me to report
"although now i am a lizard
i was enchanted by a wizard;
a cat name of voldemort!"


so if you know of any females
impressed by my huge display
be they old hands or beginners
don't be a python's dinner
come on over and we'll start to play!

Good on ya', insom!!!

Ah...insom, insom. Bless your heart, we can always count on you!

(and Yussuf, too)

ot - megashark vs giant octopus tonight!!!!! - ot

Horace, I recognize Barry Manilow, but who's the guy in the back ?

Just another horny lounge lizard.

Voted through to the next round 'cause he's got talent.

Bravo, insom'!

Horace will get a Photoshop C-.

wants to know what's in the cage?

I was talking on the phone with my old boss in Kentucky when I mentioned the "lizard orgy" going on out on the patio. He had no idea what I was talking about. Then, when I was in Kentucky, he took me up on the offer of a beach vacation at our place.
He thought the lizards flashing their throat flaps were great. Then he saw what I meant by "lizard orgy".

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